Dont Drown Your Future With Alcohol

The negative effects of alcohol.

The brain of an alcoholic.

When you drink alcohol, it kills brain cells which can cause the brain to shrink. Brain cells that are destroyed by alcohol are gone for good and can never be restored. Alcohol dulls the senses and impairs memory. This affects many peoples life because it can ruin their memory (so they dont remember as much) and it can also effect their concentration in school, work, (ect.)

Heart problems.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause various heart problems. Alcohol is a cause of heart disease. 1 in 12 people suffer from heart disease already and drinking alcohol just brings the risk up. Research has shown that heavy, long-term drinking damages youe heart by weakening the heart muscle and causes a condition that is know as alcoholic cardiomyopathy. Also, drinking large amounts of alcohol increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.


Many types of cancer are linked to alcohol. Alcohol can cause Cancer of the Throat, Mouth,Voice box,Colon, Liver and Esophagus. For each of these Cancers, the risk increases with the amount of alcohol consumed. The risk of Cancer doesnt depend on any certain alcoholic drink, it depends on the amount of alcohol consumed over a period of time.

Is it worth it?