Culture Project

Jordyn Spoo

Customs and Traditions

Customs- We eat a lot. When we have family gatherings, my uncle cooks lots of food, like sausage, kraut and really juicy corn on the cob.

Traditions- Christmas Eve we open all of our gifts and celebrate just as much as we do on Christmas Day. On Thanksgiving we go to my uncles house and eat dinner and hang with our cousins and family members.


My family values religion, music, and sports. And food, we like food (or maybe I'm just really hungry right now)


My family is very religious. We are Christian and most of us go to church every Sunday. My extended family isn't as religious as my immediate family.

Art, Music and Literature

My family isn't very artistic. We are all pretty musical. My mom, uncle and cousins played guitar, and my grandma and sister play piano. My mom likes to read and so does my grandma. Sometimes my grandpa does too if he's on vacation and the book is about baseball.


My cousins and uncle like to hunt. Since my grandparents live by a lake, we like to swim, fish, take boat rides and have bonfires. Sports are also important to our family. My mom did track, basketball and volleyball in high school, and one of my cousins play college baseball for University of Houston. I play soccer and the rest of my family has done some sport at one time.