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November 20th, 2019

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GVMS School Community

It is hard to believe that Fall conferences are next week and when students return from break, it will be December! Our winter sports tryouts will occur once we return from break. We are also quickly closing in on our Winter Concert season. We hope you are able to attend one of the following concerts:

  • Band: Thursday, December 5th at 7PM; GVHS Auditorium
  • Orchestra: Monday, December 9th at 7PM; GVHS Auditorium
  • Chorus: Tuesday, December 17th at 7PM; GVHS Auditorium

Quarter One report cards are available to view as of Wednesday, November 20th. You should receive an email with a copy of the Quarter One report card sometime Wednesday evening. We would like to congratulate our students and celebrate the level of effort they placed into this first marking period.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the time off next week!

Restricted Access Drill

During each school year, we educate our staff and students through fire, severe weather, and lockdown drills that follow best practices in emergency planning. We have already conducted our first Primary Evacuation Drill (fire drill) in September and had a second one in October.

On Wednesday, November 20th we conducted our first security drill of the year. At 1:00 PM we placed our school on Restricted Access.

Restricted Access prevents anyone from entering or exiting the building for a period of time while interior functions of the school continue as normal. This plan would be utilized if there was a situation occurring on the exterior of the building or in the surrounding area to the school, such as a HAZMAT spill.

During our Restricted Access drill, no persons were permitted to enter or exit Garnet Valley Middle School from 1:00-1:10 PM on November 20th.

Thank you for your collaboration and support!

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After School Club Pick Up Reminder

We ask that, for the safety of all students, parents adhere to the procedures for after school activities. Our coaches and teachers supervising the various organized activities and sports establish a set schedule with specific pick-up times.

It is important to note the schedule and have an assigned adult to pick up students at the designated times. We do not have personnel available to supervise students after the club or practice as ended. We also need to reinforce that students are not permitted to stay after school to watch practices. Our coaches cannot facilitate their practices while supervising additional students.

Our supervising staff will remain with students until all students are picked-up by a parent/guardian. Please make sure that the supervising staff members have your current contact information. After one documented late pick-up, the student will not be able to stay after school. The student will be placed on probation and miss the next scheduled activity. In order to attend any future scheduled organized activity the parent/guardian must provide a written note confirming that an adult can guarantee transportation for the scheduled session.

Every effort should be made to pick-up students by a parent, relative or set-up a convenient carpool arrangement with other families. This is the safest option for our students.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please contact the main office if you have any questions at 610.579.5102.

GVMS Drama Club Update

The Drama Club had their first meeting the other day. If you could not attend, please see Mr. Lonergan, Ms. Catanzaro, or Mrs. Rothman for more information. Students received a Contact Form, Meeting Agenda, and GVPAA Hunchback Order Form. Please see attached documents for more information. Students can also access all this information by logging onto the Schoology Course, "GVMS Drama Club." Access Code: B7BH-8V86-Q6HVF. Email Ms. Catanzaro, Mr. Lonergan, or Mrs. Rothman with any questions.

Agenda from October 30th Meeting

GVMS Drama Club Audition Contact Information:

Hunchback Tickets

GVMS Student Item Drop-off

We have a few considerations to think about as we continue to maximize our expanded 57-minute classes. We are hearing from our teachers that the 57-minutes has improved engagement, opening, and closing of lessons, time to process, and expanded opportunities for student collaboration. In our discussions, we have learned that the number of school-wide announcements and interruptions to the classroom have disrupted the learning environment. In researching the concern, we have approximately 80-100 drop-offs in one day (i.e. gym bags, lunches, homework, instruments, etc.). We will always find a way to feed a student that forgot their lunch. Our teachers will work with you to improve your students' organizational planning for homework and projects.

We kindly and respectfully request that drop-offs are limited to critical needs. We are not calling into rooms or making school-wide announcements that interrupt the flow of instruction. We post all office pick up alerts for students on our TV screens in the cafeteria and hallways as a form of communication. Please note that the TV screens will be updated once a day before all the lunches. Any items dropped off after 10:00 will not show up on the TV announcements. Additionally, limiting the number of drop-offs will better prepare us for our own future front entrance renovation, similar to the high school's front entrance renovation. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Early Dismissal Notes

While School Messenger provides users with the option to submit early dismissals, our office staff is asking for a physical note to be dropped off in the main office.
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GVMS HSA Information

GVMS Box Tops for Education

GVMS is finally registered with Box Tops for Education!! It’s a super simple way to raise money for our school! And we no longer have to cut out the Box Tops & bring them into school! The new system makes everything so easy!!

Here is a link to the website!


Find Garnet Valley Middle School as one of the listed schools. Register online to raise money for GVMS. Download the app. Then start scanning the box tops! It’s that simple!!

HSA Updates and Announcements

HSA Meeting

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 GVMS HSA Annual Donation Drive!

With your support, we were able to raise over $2850.00 for our GVMS HSA! Each donation goes directly to GVMS HSA and allows 100% of the money to benefit GVMS students, which in turn means enrichment programs for your child through additional resources, opportunities, and special events. We are asking each family to donate $10 per student that attends GVMS. If anyone is still interested in participating in the 2019 HSA Donation Drive, please visit My School Bucks for more information. GVMS HSA is a registered 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 23-3075301. We appreciate your support!

If you have not been to our GVMS library recently, then you probably have not seen the new amazing library tables The rumor is that the students & staff LOVE them! Make sure you ask your child about the new tables or check them out yourself the next time you are at GVMS! This is just one way that our HSA dollars help our students to have the best educational experience possible!! The new tables help to make the library a more welcoming and supportive environment in which to learn and study! Thank you again for your support of the GVMS HSA so that we can make changes like these library tables possible for our school!

2019 Craft Fair

Saturday, December 7, 2019 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

GVMS Annual Holiday Craft Fair

Garnet Valley Middle School

Free Admission! Open to the Public! GVMS Spirit Wear will be on sale! Snacks & drinks will be available for purchase. Enjoy the artists, skilled crafters, and vendors with homemade, creative works for sale! Items include jewelry, pottery, apparel, ornaments, food, flower arrangements, wood & metal working goods, candles, soaps, and so much more!


GVMS HSA is registered as a nonprofit educational charity with Amazon Smile. Raising money for our school has never been easier. The next time you are shopping on Amazon, please considering registering to participate in Amazon Smile. When you select Garnet Valley Middle School HSA as your charity of choice, Amazon will make a donation to our school whenever you shop through Amazon Smile. Here is a link to the GVMS HSA Amazon Smile page for more information & to register: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-3075301

Box Tops for Education

GVMS is finally registered with Box Tops for Education!! It’s a super simple way to raise money for our school! And we no longer have to cut out the Box Tops & bring them into school! The new system makes everything so easy!!

Here is a link to the website!


Find Garnet Valley Middle School as one of the listed schools. Register online to raise money for GVMS. Download the app. Then start scanning the box tops! It’s that simple!!

Interested In Volunteering?

If anyone is interested in volunteering for any of our upcoming HSA events, there are endless ways to get involved! Please contact Missy Rosenthal at mmrosenthal@comcast.net or Andrea Romaniello at andrear.ed@hotmail.com for more information on volunteering this year at GVMS with our HSA! Or check out our HSA website at https://sites.google.com/garnetvalley.org/gvmshsa/home for more details! We love our volunteers!!

7th & 8th Grade Snowflake Dance

Friday, January 10, 2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

7th & 8th Grade Snowflake Dance

Garnet Valley Middle School

Pencil the date into your calendars! Dress to impress! DJ! Food! Photo Booth! Such a fun night that is not to be missed!! More details to come!

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The HSA needs lots of help with the upcoming GVMS Craft Fair on Saturday, 12/7/19. Any amount of time you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to bring your kids to help out too! The more volunteers we have, the better! Please click on the link below to sign up to help out & volunteer for the Craft Fair!!


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Garnet Valley Communities That Care

Garnet Valley CTC Quick Tip #11 – Leftover Alcohol

Statistics are taken from the 2013, 2015, and 2017 Pennsylvania Youth Survey results for Garnet Valley - 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. Any statistics reporting student use and access to substances are only for those students who reported using that particular substance.

Did you know? Alcohol is often more accessible to young people during holiday gatherings in the form of small amounts left over in bottles, blenders and glasses. In addition, coolers with alcohol and bottles of wine and spirits may be untracked and/or unattended at times during a get together. This can be the first experience with alcohol for young people as well as an opportunity for under age accessibility to alcohol.

The lifetime statistics for students reporting that they had had beer, wine or hard liquor in their lifetime rose slightly in 6th grade from 10.9% to 12.1% to 12.4%, 8th grade reported a slight decline from 25.5% to 23.4% to 23.5%, 10th grade showed a bigger decline from 50.2% to 49.1% to 36.9%, and 12th grade held on to their previous decline from 78.4% to 66.4% to 65.2%. Despite declines the numbers are still concerning.

Call to action… An 11-year-old boy or a 13-year-old girl represent the average age of the first alcohol experiences in the United States. At any age, talking to them about alcohol has an impact. You can use the guidelines below.

  • Set clear expectations, and communicate your values. Youngsters are less likely to drink when they know that parents and other important adults in their lives have strong feelings about it.

  • Control your emotions. If you hear something that upsets you, take a few deep breaths and express your feelings in a positive way.

  • Ask about your teenager’s friends. Express an interest in getting to know them better. Getting to know these friends and their parents will help you understand your teenager’s world.

  • Click on the link below for more information


Garnet Valley Middle School

Achieving our best through creativity, compassion, and community.