3/4 Wykes

Our Classroom Behavior System

Welcome back to a bright new school year! I’m so excited to have all of you as part of my “family”! One of the most important things we can teach our children is how to be positive role models and good citizens. To help with this critical piece of your child’s education, I have a color-coded behavior plan in place in my classroom. The behavior plan is set up to encourage children to make good choices that, in turn, will make them great role models for their classmates.

There is a monthly behavior chart in your child’s DRAGON binder that will enable you to see how your child is doing on a daily basis. Each school day is a new beginning for every child. Each day, every child will start on the color green, which means they are showing pride in their work and ready to learn. When students make exceptional choices, they may be moved to the colors blue, purple, and pink. At the same time, students who make poor choices may move to the colors yellow, orange, and red. However, if a child reaches orange or red, they will not have the opportunity to “move up” for the remainder of the day. At the end of the day, each child’s behavior calendar will be marked with the color they ended on for that particular day. This is a great tool we can share to monitor and reinforce your child’s behavior.

As a reward for positive behavior, there will be a classroom celebration at the end of each month for all students who consistently end on the colors green, blue, purple, and pink (no more than 6 days on yellow or 4 days on a combination of yellow, orange, and red). These celebrations may include but are not limited to extra recess time, a special treat, a read-a-thon, or a movie afternoon. Please help me in encouraging positive behavior to help build a strong classroom community based on responsibility, respect, and learning.

Be a Star CREEK Kid!
Pink = Outstanding

Purple = Great Day

Blue = Good Day

Green = Ready to Learn

Yellow = Stop and Think

Orange = Teacher’s Choice

Red = Parent Contact