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April 2015

A Word from the Director: Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Think about a great leader you have known or worked with at work or in ministry. For me, a person like John Perkins comes to mind. I had the privilege of working under John in 1992 for a year at the Harambee Center in northwest Pasadena. Harambee means celebrate or a rallying cry in Swahili. That “Harambee Center,” placed at the “crossroads of gang territory,” was a statement about the purpose of the leader coming to that place. A neighborhood wracked by crime would become a place of celebration. A place familiar to the cries of mothers losing their children to violent death, drugs and incarceration would be the place of a rallying cry that would begin to reclaim a generation for health, wholeness and God’s blessing. On that team, working under that leadership, I learned about the integrity of leader, message and the value of every contributor to the work. That place did become a celebration of God’s kingdom transformation for a neighborhood and community. It happened because of leadership and team.

It is my hope that Sacramento becomes a “Harambee Center” as well – a place of celebration and rallying cry for gospel movement, both here and around the nation. I will be sharing this vision of gospel movement at many area events this month and next. I will be challenging those coming to participate in helping fund the Every School/Every Neighborhood Initiative that has as its goal one or more church partners for every public school in the six county region, and evangelistic ministry in the neighborhoods surrounding the schools. Of course, at these Fuel the Movement events, friendships will be made or renewed over dessert, coffee and conversation. See the end of this monthly update for an event near you and please register.

Hope to see you there. Remember, if you are reading this, you are the ACTS Group,

Jeff Kreiser

Prayer Leaders Fellowship

Prayer Leaders Fellowship is a quarterly get together for lead intercessors in the region to enjoy a time of fellowship, food and encouragement. We want to pour into those who have been standing in the gap for others and bring them alongside like-minded people for a few hours of relationship. The fellowship times include prayer and worship, sharing a meal together and the opportunity to network with other’s who are leading and developing prayer within congregations in the Sacramento region.

If your church has a designated prayer leader, we would like to know! We want to make sure that all prayer leaders in our region are represented at these meetings! Submit the name using the bar below.

Serve Sacramento Development Team

Serve Sacramento exists to raise the ongoing level of service in the greater Sacramento area. Assisting entire communities to increase the frequency and way they serve others and impact their area is a big task. To make increased collaborative service move forward in our region, Serve Sacramento functions with the ongoing action and guidance of the Serve Sacramento Development team, a group of twelve individuals that represent different service causes (marriage, family, employment, education, wellness, housing, sexual integrity, neighbors) and areas of the region. We are privileged to serve in this unified effort with our team which includes Ashlie Bryant (3 Strands), Donna Trumbo (Bayside of South Sacramento), Jeff Johnson (Love INC.), Joe Talancon (His Street Ministries), Joy Justus (World Relief), John Sprague (South Placer County), Keith Young (South County), Rob Dirkse (Serve Partnerships Unlimited), Scott Thurmond (Church Volunteer Network), Scott Young (ATLAS of Carmichael), Tammy Vallejo (E49 Corp.), and Tim Kesselring (50 Corridor). You can meet some of these leaders via video at

Leader Convergence

On February 27th, sixty leaders came together for the first “Convergence Conversation” - a light breakfast, leadership friendship and a plunge into the ideas and issues facing leaders in the greater Sacramento region. 17 leaders who are impacting our culture and city took six or nine minutes to share information and inspiration with all gathered. Now, it's your turn to experience these incredible talks! Every week, we will be posting a video from this Convergence Conversation, complete with blog and PowerPoint slides, for your encouragement and development. Keep an eye on our Vimeo page and ACTS website every week, to learn more about the issues in our community and how you can be involved. Easiest way to stay current? Follow our Vimeo channel.
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Fuel the Movement Campaign

Why does KLOVE/Air1 do a Spring and Fall pledge drive every year – challenging listeners to monthly support? Because, it works. Monthly support makes a ministry function. In churches, it happens every week. For the ACTS Group, we have moved beyond our “startup” phase and have entered a time of sustained ministry and advancement. With that, we need to call you to make a decision to sow into this ministry through regular prayer and financial support. The “Fuel the Movement” campaign in April and May is designed to raise awareness and call 100 or more givers to monthly commitment and to raise $100,000 in one time support. You can set up monthly giving now by clicking here ( or you can come hear about the work of the ACTS Group and the Every School/Every Neighborhood high impact initiative that will match churches with schools, build evangelism in our neighborhoods and multiply community prayer groups throughout the region. Please pick the date and location that best fits for you and register using the Eventbrite link.

4/7 An Evening with The ACTS Group – Rocklin: Register:

4/8 An Evening with The ACTS Group – Midtown: Register:

4/12 An Afternoon with The ACTS Group – Rancho Cordova: Register:

4/15 An Evening with The ACTS Group – Elk Grove: Register:

4/27 An Evening with the ACTS Group- El Dorado Hills: Register:

4/29 An Evening with the ACTS Group- Folsom: Register:

5/4 An Evening with the ACTS Group- Arden Arcade: Register:

5/5 An Evening with the ACTS Group-Roseville: Register:

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ACTS Group Endorsement

G. Henry Wells, Pastor Emeritus

Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church

“The Luis Palau Sacramento Festival accomplished many things, but none more important than bringing pastors and churches together in unity and purpose to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus emphasized that as believers our main responsibility is to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of men and women by teaching them how to be saved. The first and main thing with God in Sacramento is soul winning. This is what Jesus came for, what Jesus died for. That is why the Bible was written, why churches are organized, why preachers preach. The recovery of the vision to transform our city is our only hope for a consistent witness to a dying world. God is using the ACTS group to help us recover this vision before it is too late.”

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Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.