Mobile Apps for Grade 6

Combining technology and education for success

My Study Life

This app is an excellent personal organizer - students can input their schedules, assignments, and exam times. My Study Life allows you to sync multiple devices to the same account. There is a reminder feature where the app will alert you about upcoming or unfinished projects, so that students are never forgetting their work.

My Study Life is available on iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and on the web.


This is a great tool for Language Arts projects. Students can individually or collaboratively create their own storybooks on their iPhone or iPad. They can also take from traditional fairy tales and edit the pages. Students will be able to practice vocabulary and grammar skills while using their imaginations to create excellent work.

StoryKit is an Apple App, so it can only be used with Mac Products.


PhotoMath is a convenient way for students to check their answers during a Math class, or to view step by step ways to problem solve a more complicated question. This is a great asset to encourage independent learning, as some students may want to work ahead without waiting for the teacher to check their work.

PhotoMath is free and available on both Mac and Windows products. Please view the video below to see a demonstration of PhotoMath.



TopHat is a tool that connects teachers to their students in a new, modern way. Lessons are accessible from the student's phones, as well as questions and quizzes to evaluate where students are at. TopHat has in class uses, polling the class to see what content needs to be looked over again.

Schools needs to register for TopHat before teachers and students can connect to it's services.


Chirp is a sharing app that allows students in the same room to send all different types of media to each other. This can be used in group projects while collaborative research or creating is happening. Students will have an audio notification when they receive something from other students, and teachers will be able to hear the productivity in the room.

This product is available on Mac devices.