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Cosmetic Dentist


The cosmetic dentist Las Vegas offers different services based on the individual requirements. Here are a few of the services that the dentist offers:

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Dental veneers

These are coverings in porcelain which are cemented on the external surface of the teeth so as to act as a mask against the problem areas. The teeth are first reshaped and then the veneers are placed so as to get closer to natural look. When there are too many stains, small fractures, spaces, minor alignment problems, the veneers are a perfect choice. Veneers are also found to be the best choice instead of braces as the latter take a long time to be accomplished.

Teeth whitening

There are whitening strips, tooth pastes and mouth washes that help in whitening of the teeth. There are different procedures the dentist may choose to use to bring out the white color on your teeth. Zoom whitening is one such procedure that will give a good result. This is a procedure that lasts for one hour to one and a half hours; there is an ultra violet light that is used which will bring about the whitening process.


Under this branch of dentistry, the dentist uses a combination of clear brackets or metal brackets with elastics and wires to get the teeth into the perfect position so that there is better aesthetics and occlusion too. Invisalign is most commonly used in order to get minor movements in the teeth. Custom made plastic trays are used which will help in the gradual alignment of the teeth. People should adhere to the dos and don’ts strictly so as to get the best of results. In order to get assured results, one should start at a very early age. A few problems can be fixed at such age itself.

Dr J, a cosmetic dentist Las Vegas, claims to offer the best of services as far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned. In case you are unhappy with the positioning of your teeth or you are having a yellowish tinge on your teeth, it is time you make a visit to your dentist and get a thorough cleaning done, or rather avail the pertinent service.

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