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Ms. Ronda & Ms. Lisa October 14, 2016

A Glance in Room 307

This week, we have begun studying about fall (leaves, squirrels, fall weather).
  • A great learning opportunity we completed on Monday was Apple Tree Engineering. This was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activity focusing on problem solving. (Problem Solving, Communication and Use of Expressive Language, Fine Motor Skills, and Attention Maintenance)
  • We made first initial necklaces. We found the first letter of our names to add to our pony bead necklaces. (Letter and Word Knowledge)
  • A small group this week focused on rolling and counting on a die or two dice. After counting, we "dotted" a numeral that corresponded with the number counted from the die/dice. (Number Sense of Quantity and Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers)
  • We worked on a fun game that helped us learn about combining smaller units of language (onsets and rimes). We changed the first letter of each of our names to another letter (Ronda...swap the R for an M....Monda). (Phonological Awareness)
  • We enjoyed having one of our afternoon moms join us in the library. (Interest in Literacy)
  • Concluding our week, we wrote a book about things that leaves could fall on in the outdoors. We practiced our writing and drawing skills. (Emergent Writing and Fine Motor Skills)

We will continue learning about pumpkins and fall in the next two weeks.

Learning Genie

Our principal let us know that she is getting several comments back on the Learning Genie app. If you would like to comment back to me, please email me at: or call at 736-5324 x2106. Thanks! I would love to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying the Learning Genie app!

Conscious Discipline Corner--My Preschooler Has Started to Lie

My preschooler has started to lie. I know she’s drawing on the walls and furniture but she’s refusing to admit it. What can I do?

We have a choice, we can focus on getting our children to admit their errors and feel bad for their actions, or we can focus on helping our children learn to be responsible by experiencing the consequences of their actions.

In this case, you could go for admission of guilt and say, “Did you draw on the wall?” Asking a question you already know the answer to is a trap. More than likely, preschoolers will deny they did anything. Denial is a defense mechanism used when faced with fear of threat. Once the child denies the situation, then we really become upset, usually saying something like, “Don’t you lie to me. Lying just makes things worse.” From here the interaction can only deteriorate and the opportunity to teach a new skill is lost.

Alternately, we could set a limit and hold the child accountable for her actions by saying, “You wanted to draw some pictures. You may not draw on the walls. Drawing is something you do on paper. You can clean the walls with rag or sponge. Which do you choose?” It is important to follow up with your child later when she is drawing on paper by saying, “You did it! You remembered to draw on the paper. Good for you, honey.” Then hug and kiss her all over.

As always, we wish you well.

Taken from the Conscious Discipline Facebook page

Looking Ahead

October 17th-20th Scholastic Book Fair

October 18th Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00 pm

October 20th NO SCHOOL -District Professional Development/ Early Release “Meet Me At….” will be at the Early Childhood Center from 10:00-10:45 a.m. We will be welcoming Dino O'Dell for a fun-filled show; please join us!

October 20th Parent-Teacher Conferences at ECC 2:00-8:00 pm

October 21st NO SCHOOL - ECC Closed

October 31st Halloween/Fall Parties at 11:30 a.m. and 3:35 p.m.

November 1st Festival of Blocks 5:30-7:00 p.m. (Come and go as you can)

November 15th Picture Retake Day; you may also get your child's picture taken if he/she missed the original picture day.

Liberty Early Childhood and Kansas City Young Audiences Present: DINO O'DELL!

When: Thursday, October 20th, 2016 10:00-10:45 am

Where: Liberty ECC Fireplace Room

A vegetable eating rabbit, a space alien, and a cowboy who swims in peanut butter! Don’t worry… no swimsuit required! Join us for an adventure with interactive songs and stories lead by singer and past early childhood teacher Dino O’Dell. Dino has performed at the White House and has produced three award winning children’s CDs. On your mark, get set, let's get healthy!

Halloween at the Early Childhood Center

It’s time for pumpkins, chilly weather, costumes and treats. We look forward to having some good, safe fun for Halloween! On October 31, we will have our Halloween Parties. For the party, we will have special refreshments and Trick or Treating, with our friends from the LPS Administration Center and LPS School Board helping us. Parents are invited to attend the party (no siblings, please).

Our parties will be at the following times:

1. A.M. Classes 11:30-12:05

2. P.M. Classes 3:35-4:10

Here are some costume guidelines:

  • Children may wear costumes to school, send a change of clothes in a marked bag, in case the costume becomes “too much.”
  • BE SURE your child’s name is on each piece!
  • DO NOT send play weapons. These cause chaos among the children.
  • No masks or face paint. Save these for other times.

We acknowledge that not all families observe Halloween. If you would like to pick your child up early on this day, please feel free to do so.

Questions? Let us know at 736-5324.



Festival of Blocks

Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 5:30pm

9600 Northeast 79th Street

Kansas City, MO

Come join in interactive block play with your child. A variety of blocks will be offered for children and parents to build with and explore. Learn more about the important role block play has in the development of math, science, literacy, and social skills. This is a come and go event,

you can play for a little bit or until 7pm.

We would love to see you here!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.