PAC for Parents

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We still need you!

Leaving your child in college for the first time can be a very hard thing to do. Trust me, I've seen it happen 3 times now. I understand that your child is excited, scared and ready to experience everything all at the same time. But they still need you and so does PAC!

Marquette is a family and that includes you too. As an RA and a student I understand how meaningful it can be to know that your parents are still here for you as you try to learn how to live life on your own.

Throughout the year I may be contacting you asking for help with special projects. But there are many ways that you can stay involved with what is going on in the PAC (see links below). Also, I am here to help, but I can't help if I don't know someone needs it. So feel free to contact me at anytime.

Meet your RA

My name is Amaya Hamilton. I am a senior at Marquette University and a double major in political science and public relation. This is my third year as a resident assistant in McCormick Hall.

Stay in contact with PAC

PAC is all about the performing arts and what is a performance is no one sees it. So, you can check out what we are up to by reading our blog, tweeting to us, looking at our instagram and of course keep a look out for upcoming events which you can attend in person!

Need to contact McCormick?

McCormick Hall is Marquette's largest resident hall. It is home to over 750 first year students. PAC is located on the 10th floor, west wing. If you need to contact McCormick Hall feel free to do so through McCormick's Residence Hall Director Jenny Steiner or Marquette's Office of Residence Life.