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Please congratulate our spell bowl team. They did outstanding and only missed one word on Saturday.

I have scheduled a staff meeting for Thursday morning at 8:25. I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate our school grade as a staff and discuss our grade in greater detail. Breakfast will be provided. We will also celebrate on Wednesday, 11/26 with a coffee cart.

The two articles below are great reads. Please engage in continuous professional development by reading these articles and trying new strategies in the classroom. Remember that quality instruction and the infusion of literacy strategies have the biggest impact on student achievement. Don't forget to also sign up on the peer observation document. Have a great week!

Peer Observations

Please sign up soon. We need more teachers to open up their rooms so others can observe.

Peer Observation Sign-Up


Week 14

11/18: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals

11/20: Brain Lessons: Day 2

On 11/18, students should be reading a book of their own independently. Students should not be doing HW during this time. On these days, teachers can conference with students and check their progress on HAC. The expectation is not to meet with all students in one advisory period, but to eventually get to all students over the course of several advisory periods.

SFS and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

We have received our school grade so we can now finalize 13.14 evaluations. We will be scheduling individual meetings with teachers over the next few weeks to finalize evaluations. If you log into SFS, you can now see individual results. Scott, Kent and I will be meeting with the teachers we each worked with last year. We will also finalize SLOs for this year at these meetings. SLOs should be completed in SFS prior to the finalization conference.
Cheers for Peers: "click the button"

If you have something great to share about a colleague, please do so on this document.

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