Enrichment Update

Week of February 8

This Week!

Monday: School Buzz: "Anti-Bullying"

Tuesday: Life Chats: "Sticky Situations"

Wednesday: Code Breakers and Youth & Government

Thursday: Movie Makers

Also...students interested in finishing the Good Deed Club project are welcome to come on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at academic support.

School Buzz announces the first annual RMS STEAM Showcase

School Buzz: STEAM Showcase

Intermural Debate: March 17th

If you are interested in taking part in the afternoon debate on March 17th, let me know as soon as possible. The format will be Middle School Debate in teams of three.

Good Deed Club

We are assisting our friends at Whitehouse School in their preparations for a Winterfest with an Under the Sea theme. Our challenge has been creating crabs and squids.

There are still a few marine friends waiting to be made. If you are interested, let your academic support teacher know that you are coming to my room, and come visit at Academic Support on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

We are also preparing several service projects for veterans in the upcoming months. If you or your family know a veteran who needs a special "thank you" message, please send me an email with his or her contact information!

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Fantasy Geopolitics

Take a look at the top countries from last week. What is going in the world that makes these ones so big in the news? Anybody want to make some trades? (James S and I made a trade earlier this week.)

The top five scorers are to the left. Congratulations! But know...the news changes every day, so keep your eyes and ears alert!

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