Reach Grade 1 Newsletter

January 2016

What's new and exciting?

Reach is up and running in 2016! Each week students are highly engaged in various challenging activities. It is so exciting to watch them learn and grow. Here is an update on what will take place in the Reach classroom in January and February.

Our next unit will be: Famous American Research. Students will learn about a specific person and his/her accomplishments.

Author study:

The next author will be: Kevin Henkes. We will be looking at his books and their message. The children will have the opportunity to learn about Mr. Henkes and compare his books to our previous author, Helen Lester.

PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills): This program is designed to teach students higher level thinking skills. We will continue to work on deductive thinking skills and move to divergent/inventive thinking in January. There will be various activities using these skills. A new character will be introduced, Isabel the Inventor.

I am looking forward to a terrific 2016!

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