Ancient Greece

Andrew Zeng, Archaeologist

The greeks were very religious, but perhaps the second most important part of their lives was entertainment.One big part of entertainment was music. The Greeks were so advanced that they already had advanced to string instruments; of which the most famous Was the lyre :an instrument made of tortoise shell (because they lived near the ocean).

The Greeks had one of the most successful empires. The people who have been part of the empire passed these legacies down: Philosophy (Aristotle and Plato), science, Math, literature, and politics (the idea of democracy).These Ideas have had a tremendous impact on humanity (and still do).

This statement is supported by the fact that the peoples of america till use an advanced form of democracy, centuries after the Greeks.Also nearly ½ of the Ideas in modern education was invented by the Greeks.

But the biggest part of their culture was there religion was polytheism. The Greeks believed

in 12 major gods :Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, Demeter,Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes.They were afraid of the gods there fore they followed all laws to avoid the "punishment of the gods"

Were was your civlization located in the world by Juan Ruiz

My civilization was located in the southern part of Europe. Turkey was east of Greece.Greece is a peninsula surrounded by islands. They were lucky because they could trad food and they could trad for fish .And they could farm for food.They had a lot of resources because they had stuff to fish with and stuff and they could hunt for food and they could trade for stuff like fish and they for crops today Greece and Europe there today right now they had success because they had they ability to fish and they could trade for stuff. they even traded for crops. That"s why they had success.

Grant Coleman, Anthropologist

The ancient Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses. The word for someone who believes in many gods is polytheistic. Even though the Greeks looked up to the gods, the gods were not always perfect. For example, Zeus the king of the gods cheated on his wife, Hera many times. Shame on you, Zeus.

The Greeks had many with technology. For example there was water technology. Drinking water was water technology. Sewer water was another type of water tech. They also used it for farming.

The Greeks were farmers and traders. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, were polytheistic.They also believed in mythological creatures. Creatures such as the Centaur which is half man and half horse. Another creature is the Harpies which is a creature with the body of a bird and a head and torso of a woman.

The Greeks had a type of writing called cuneiform. The word comes from the Latin term meaning "wedge - shaped". It was historically significant and was common in the ancient Middle East.

historian Luke Brassard

Ancient Greece

By.Luke Brassard

Ancient Greece started off with little towns such as Sparta and Athens.these towns helped there start because it was full of rich soil and grazings One of there best things where there fishing because it was healthy it tasted good and was very popular in there location.

The goal of Greek education was for the young children to be equally prepared for common day life. Such as carpenters and its really similar to how kids are raised in the u.s.a.

Greek clothing was not that big of a role but men wore a robe across there shoulder and commonly soldiers wore a knelt an a animals skin for shirts. And women wore a dress a lot it would have to were it over there knees.Children would were a smaller version of what looks like a soldiers suit

Were Was Your Civilization Located In The World

My civilization was located in the southern part of europ Turky is east of greece .Greece is a peninsula souronded by islanes