Literacy Intervention Ideas

For your Struggling Readers

Who are the literacy interventions? What do they do?

Hello Panthers,

There are a lot of new staff members and a few PC veterans that really don't know much about who we are and what we do. So we decided to remedy this problem by making this little news letter. So, if you have ever wondered what your students are doing during the 30 minutes we remove them from your classroom, keep reading.

For starters our names are Becky House and Jackie Olive. Our job has many rolls including teaching accelerated small group literacy instruction, pushing into classrooms to provide support for struggling readers, new teacher mentors, as well as modeling classroom lessons. We are your go to people when you just don't know what to do to get a kid reading. We have an open door policy and would really like to be a resource for Peters Colony teachers as well as students. So please contact us if you need help or have questions.


Who do we take and why do we take them?

When we are taking kids out of your classroom we are providing them with intense reading intervention. It is more than just a regular guided reading lesson. We are doing word work, vocabulary building, writing, fluency, and comprehension work. It is important for your students to practice the books we send with them everyday just like the guided reading books that you give them. The students we pull should be on tier 3 in RTI. They are also below the "At Risk" level on the cut scores given to you last week. Due to the intense need of these students they require our support in addition to the guided reading that is already happening with you. We also keep extensive documentation for RTI purposes and will attend any RTI meetings that are held on behalf of a student we work with. Click the link below to watch a short video that highlights some of the work your students will be doing with us.