Kindergarten Registration Kick-Off

March 19th-23rd

Who is Eligible?

Any child who reaches the age of five years old on or before August 31, 2018 is eligible to register for Kindergarten!

REGISTER YOUR CHILD MARCH 19TH THROUGH MARCH 23RD. Teachers and staff are excited to meet rising kindergarteners and their families!

Where Should I Register My Child?

Register at the elementary school in your child's attendance zone. For registration hours during the week of March 19th through March 23rd, contact the school.

Did You Know?

Early registration facilitates a smooth transition into Kindergarten before school starts on August 27, 2018.

Please Bring the Following Documents to Registration

Photo ID of Parent/Legal Guardian

If the child is living with someone other than the parent listed on the birth certificate, proof of legal guardianship must be provided.

Child's Birth Certificate

Must be 5 years of age on or before August 31, 201 and parent name(s) must be included.

Child's Immunization Record

An updated record may be obtained at your doctor's office or at the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

Child's Health Assessment

An updated record may be obtained at your doctor's office or at the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

Proof of Residence:

Sources: House Deed, current property tax statement, current lease agreement, or closing/settlement statement, utility bill or Medicaid card.

How Do I Find Out Which School My Child Will Attend?

Your child will attend the school where the child's parent/legal guardian resides and you will register at that school. For school district information visit our attendance locator

Has Your Child Been Accepted to a Magnet Program?

Dual Language Immersion Program

Fred L Wilson Elementary

Global Studies Program

Fred L Wilson Elementary

A+ Arts Program

G.W. Carver Elementary

If your family received an acceptance notification from KCS you will enroll in the magnet program where they have been placed, not their home school. If you have more specific questions regarding this please contact our central office at (704) 938-1131.

Kannapolis City Elementary Schools

G.W. Carver Elementary

(704) 932-4161

525 E. "C" Street

Forest Park Elementary

(704) 932-8121

1333 Forest Park Drive

Fred L Wilson Elementary

(704) 932-8656

1401 Pine Street

Jackson Park Elementary

(704) 933-2831

1400 Jackson Street

Shady Brook Elementary

(704) 933-2434

903 Rodgers Lake Road

Woodrow Wilson Elementary

(704) 933-2935

800 Walnut Street