NTeQ Model

A Framework for Technology Integration

Introduced by Deborah L. Lowther and Gary R. Morrison (1998)

The NteQ model was designed for problem-based lesson that incorporate technology into the process of inquiry. There are essentially four factors that are critical to the model. Lessons should be relevant, motivating, engaging, and authentic. That last one, authentic, refers to using real world data, problems, and information.

Also, NTeQ lessons line up with higher order thinking of Bloom's, specifically evaluate and create. According to Lowther and Morrison, "Assessment of student learning from an integrated lesson often requires multiple forms of data." Multiple forms of data allow for different depths of assessment. Revision is critical to the process, and multiple assessments will increase the opportunity for success.

Ten Step Lesson Plan

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Main Goal

The main goal of the NTeQ model is to facilitate student achievement of learning objectives and gain technological competence required for success in 21st century careers (Pg. 211 Reiser, Dempsy). The NTeQ approach strives to achieve an active learning or student-centered learning environment.

Contextual Uses

NTeQ fit very well in an inquiry/problem-based learning environment. We will note that it tends to lead more towards a guided inquiry than traditional inquiry. Student are usually led via Think Sheets to follow a step by step process. The Think Sheet does not tell students exactly what to do, but simply guides them through the process leading students towards higher order thinking.


• Higher Order Thinking

• Real World Application and Data/Information/Problems

• Well Defined Process & Framework

• Presenting results truly gives the students a chance to be creative and explore all types of

technological tools

• Multiple activities can adjust to accommodate multiple learning styles


• Does Not Apply to All Learning Environments

• Intensive Teacher and Student Training Necessary

• The ten step program can be viewed as a disadvantage