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Domestic violence is control by one partner over another in a dating, marital or live-in relationship. Domestic violence occurs in every culture, country and age group.It is a disturbing behavior in which one intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation and emotional, sexual or economic abuse to control and alter the behavior and emotions of the other partner. Not just men have been accused or convicted of domestic Violence, women can commit the act as well.

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Be Aware of Domestic Abusers

  • Controlling and demanding
  • Excessive Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Threats/Intimidation
  • Hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, choking, punching, or biting
A lot of abusers usually like to turn the table and place blame on the victim.

They don't see a wrong in their behavior, and the thought of their actions angers them more.

March On Campbell

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 11am

West Haven, CT, United States

West Haven, CT

Come Join us, with a Donation Fee of $15 per participant to go to shelters of the Domestically Abused.

Start: Savin Rock Conference Center

End: Shop Rite (where refreshments will be served)

Come Out And Support A GREAT CAUSE !!

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