Don't Vote The Columbian Exchange

By: Sydney Hubbard

What is the Columbian Exchange ?

The Columbian Exchange is when Christopher Columbus came to what is now America and traded with the natives.

What are Positive and Negative effects ?

Some positive effects are countries thrived because they used foods that were easy to grow .Another positive effect is people could now make tons of things because both sides of the world had tons of things . One last positive effect was new animals could be used for hunting because horses are faster than traveling on foot.

Some negative effects are countries starved and had to move because when potatoes were the only thing the Irish ate and potato fungus came around thousands of people starved. Another negative effect is the Europeans brought over diseases like smallpox because the Europeans were immune but they spread them to the Americans. One last negative effect is rats gave diseases also which made other Americans die because they were not immune.

Not or Against The Colombian Exchange ?

You should vote against the Colombian Exchange because people can die from the Diseases , Creatures , and Fungus that was brought from the Europeans and the Americas .
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