Summer of Code Kickoff

Demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics!

Brief Overview

The week of May 16th, RCS wants to attempt to give every student an introduction to coding. Modeled after's Hour of Code, our Kickoff will "demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics." All you have to do is log on, follow the guide, and get coding! You do not need any knowledge of coding or computer science to let your class participate.

It’s called the Summer of Code Kickoff because this is the last full week of school, and there are a lot of opportunities for coding during the summer. We want students to be informed of those opportunities. Please show your classes the Summer Opportunities page on the RCS Code website after participating.

What is coding?

What Is Coding? 15 Facts for Beginners

Why coding in schools?

Ali Partovi, Why Coding Is Imperative In Public Education

What do I do?

If you choose to participate, first you will go to the Summer of Code Kickoff Signup page and pick a day for your classes to participate.

Afterward, you will go to ( to find activity choices listed by grade level across the top. They are self-guided, meaning you don’t have to know how to teach the kids how to code. Just take them in the lab, show them where the website is and which activities they can choose from, and let them have fun! The program walks them through all the steps.

Need more info?

If you want to participate, I will be glad to meet one day during your planning and try one of these activities with you. Visit to book an appointment.