Scientific Jobs

Computer Programmers

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Branch of Science

Computer programming belongs in the physical branch of science because life science deals with living things and earth science is parts of the earth, where as physical science is the study of matter.

Education Path

In order to become a computer programmer you would have to have at least an associate degree in computer science or computer programming. Some classes that you can take in high school that can help you are calculus, computer programming, technical writing, and trigonometry/advanced algebra. In college you should take the required college entrance classes.

Training Schools and Colleges

One college you could attend to become a computer programmer is the Milwaukee Area Technical College. I chose this school because it is still in Wisconsin. This college is public and is in an urban setting, so it's in the city. It's also a 2 year tech school. The student to faculty ratio is 12:1.


To get into Milwaukee Area Technical College you to have a high school diploma. Although you do not need to have a certain ACT or SAT score, you do need to take other standardized tests.

About the Job

Computer programmers write instructions so that computers can do certain things. They have to use computer language to create the programs and then use them to make sure there are no bugs. They often use other more than one programming language, and spend hours working alone. Computer programmers also tend to have flexible schedules and work long hours.

Employment Factors

Since computer programming is a common job, it is complicated for people from Wisconsin to become one without competition for job openings. The national employment often has people getting good job opportunities being a computer programmer.


In Wisconsin the salary for computer programming can range from $50,490 to $109,320 based on wage level, where as the national salary is $54,360-$113,110


One employer for computer programmers is Orbital Technologies Corporation. The company is in Madison, WI and has 50-99 people in it.


Although computer programming isn't the first choice I would choose for a dream job, it is something that I would probably enjoy. I like to spend lots of time with technology, especially computers. I think that I would also enjoy it because they work long hours and need flexible schedules. The long hours gets my interest, because that would mean running later and I work a lot better at things at night when I'm more alert. One downside to being a computer programmer for me is that you often spend a lot of time working with other people and although I do work well with groups, I can concentrate much better when I have to work alone.

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