Computer Math Games Club

Meets every club Friday in Room 108B

Boost your Math skills without hurting your brain!*

Do your calculation skills need some polishing? Are you wanting a fun way to improve your logic and reasoning skills? Join the Math Computer Games club and build those critical math skills to help you improve your grade in class and your understanding of math as a whole (for today, tomorrow, and College Algebra).

*too much ;)

Sign Up Now for the Winter Rotation!

Talk to your Cougar Time teacher about signing up. We have plenty of room for any 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. You can play by yourself or with or against your friends - the more the merrier!

Some of the MANY websites you can choose from:

Guaranteed to grow some dendrites.


Who's in charge around here?

Ms. Svajda will facilitate the Computer Math Games Club

Who can join the club?

Any Indian Trail students who want to work on math skills.

What kinds of math skills will we work on?

All kinds! You can work on calculation/computation, logic, problem solving, equation solving, graphing, statistics, whatever you need - the list is practically endless!

What websites can we choose from?

... to name just a few.

Where do we meet?

In room 108B, the computer lab by the 6th grade hall.

Why there?

Because we're playing on computers! And it was available.

Why should I join?

Because you want to have fun! And because math is a truly important skill to your every day life (even if you don't see it yet). If you're missing skills now, then math will be very frustrating for you, and that's just not cool.

Why did you come up with this club?

Because math is important, but it can be really fun, too. And I wanted to find a way for students were able to see that.

How do I sign up?

You'll sign up during Cougar Time for the next club rotation. If you miss it, we'll have another section for the Spring rotation.