First Grade Events Newsletter

February 2016

Important Dates:

  • Feb. 4th, Thursday: Bring a Fruit to Lunch Day
  • Feb. 4th, Thursday: Walking Field Trip to Renaissance Centre 11:00am
  • Feb. 9th, Tuesday: "All You Need is Love" Event at Brookdale, Wake Forest
  • Feb. 11th, Thursday: Sock Hop- FA3 at 6:00
  • Feb. 12th, Friday: Valentine Celebration in Homeroom classes, 1:30-2:30pm
  • Feb. 12th, Friday: Progress Reports will be emailed out
  • Feb. 24th, Wed. "DEAR" time (Drop Everything and Read) 2:15pm

3rd Quarter Accelerated Reader "AR" Goals

As you know, AR point requirements are based on your child’s reading teacher. Please encourage your child to read AR books at home! Remember to log into the Home Renaissance Connect website (below) throughout the quarter to check your son's/daughter's progress.

Thank you for ensuring your child meets his/her AR goal each quarter! We will have a Dr. Seuss based AR celebration at the end of the quarter. The Spirit Committee will be hosting a Book Character Parade and students will be allowed to dress up in costume as their favorite book character. Please stay tuned for more details! Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you have any questions about AR.

Mrs. Bardes & Mrs. Jenkins 1.5 points

Mrs. Carter 1.5 points

Mrs. White 2.0 points

Mrs. Lewis 2.5 points

Ms. Steinmiller 3.0 points


"DEAR" - Drop Everything and Read! February 24th at 2:15pm


As you may know, FA I and II have DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) each month. The students really enjoy this special 15 minute block of time set aside to read a book of their choice. Happy Reading! The DEAR times and dates for the 2015-2016 school year are listed below:

August 11th - 9:00am

September 16th - 11:00am

October 20th - 8:15am

November 16th - 10:20am

January 21st – 11:30am

February 24th - 2:15pm

March 10th – 9:15am

April 13th - 8:15am

May 4th - 10:45am

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February Buzz Word!


Having the job or duty of dealing with or taking care of something or someone.

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African Folktales at the Renaissance Centre

We enjoyed the African Folktales performance at the Renaissance Center. Thank you to all of our wonderful parent chaperones who joined us on our walking field trip!
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Bring A Fruit to Lunch Day!

A great job to all of our first graders for bringing a wide variety of healthy fruit as part of their lunches on Thursday, Feb. 4th. Congratulations to Mrs. Bardes' class for bringing the most fruit of all the first grade classes! :)