Adventure on Sea

On the Trinidad (Paige and Nick)

About Me

My name is Ferdinand Magellan: captain seeking riches. I was born and raised in the wonderful country of Portugal. After my parent's death at the age of 10, I became the page for the Queen of Portugal. But at the age of 25, I became keen in war battles. In 1510, I was ranked up to captain. From then on, I was in charge of finding a shortcut to the Spice Islands. I hope one day I can become the richest king in the world.

When and Where?

Our fleet and crew will be departing from Seville, Portugal on August 10th, 1519. We will be returning approximately around fall 1521 when our goal shortcut is found.

The Plan

As a captain of our crew, I seek to find out the quickest shortcut to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. We will be the first ones to find the fastest route to transport the best spices back to Europe. We will sail from Europe, all around the coast of South America, through the Philippines, around the coast of Africa, and back to Europe. We will sail 5 ships that will be essential to our fleet.

What to Expect

When we depart from the port, you should expect a very dangerous journey ahead. Once we leave there is no coming back, so make sure that you are ready for the worst. But once we find this route we will come back will more riches than you could imagine. So get ready for one of the biggest adventures of your lives. You will see different cultures, new landscapes, brand new organisms, and different people. When we arrive at our destination, prepare for success and gratitude from the locals. Together, we will work together to receive riches.
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What our Crew Needs

I am looking for a man who is determined to win. Failure will never be an option on our journey. I need someone who can withstand the harsh factors of what is to come - someone who can test their strength and give their best to the fleet.