Exploring Dental Health!

The Kindergarten Kiddos Learn About Their Teeth

The students began the dental health unit by exploring different resources and discussing what they already know about keeping their teeth healthy.
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Colgate: How To Have A Bright Smile!

Teeth Activities!

"How Many Teeth in the Mouth?"

The students took turns rolling two dice, adding them together, and placing that many teeth in their paper mouths.

"Brush That Plaque!"

The students used dry erase markers to create plaque on the teeth. Then, they brused the teeth with toothbrushes to eliminate the plaque on the teeth.

"Floss Those Teeth!"

The students put playdoh between the Lego pieces to represent food stuck between teeth. Then, the students flossed the teeth with real dental floss.

"What is Healthy For Our Teeth?"

The students looked at different magazine cutouts and determined if the picture represents something that keeps teeth healthy. If the picture was not something that keeps teeth healthy, it went on the sad tooth.
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A Trip to the Dentist!

The students took a trip to a real Dentist's office.

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