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Internet Safety Awareness is extremely important!

Don't catch a virus!

The Internet is important in our everyday lives, and it is essential that we are able to use it quickly and safely. However, using it is not without it's issues. There are viruses of all types that exist on the Internet, and you should be aware of what types exist and be prepared for what you might face ahead.

  • Worms - These viruses go through your files and destroy them one by one. They also can jump from computer to computer via e-mail.
  • Trojans - They might seem like an ordinary file, but these viruses jump out at the worst possible moment and start to destroy your files.
  • Bomb - The bomb viruses can be the most fatal, and they are difficult to get rid of. If a bomb goes off successfully, you might be looking at buying a new computer.

Other Useful Programs


Never surf the Internet without an antivirus program! The Internet, though can be relatively harmless, can be a dangerous place for your computer and files. In order to protect yourself, you can not rely on your firewall alone. Make sure to download reliable antivirus programs like Microsoft Security Essentials to be safe and secure while surfing the Internet!