A Christmas Carol

By: Charles Dickens

Stave 1: Marley's Ghost

On one Christmas Eve in London an old jerk named Ebeneezer Scrooge.And their was a sign that said "Scrooge and Marley",Marley was his partner but died a while back.And on that same day Scrooge say Marley's ghost with chains around and tells Scrooge he will be approached by three Christmas spirits at twelve o'clock so Scrooge won't be such a rude guy.

Stave 2: The First Spirit

Scrooge woke up at 12 and was approached by the Ghost of Christmas past and the ghost takes Scrooge's hometown to see Scrooge's young self .And see's his old boss Mr.Fezziwig and him and his wife was throwing a Christmas party and Scrooge noticed his old girlfriend Belle.

Stave 3: The Second Spirit

The church clock woke Scrooge up at one, but their was no spirit insight.After waiting 15 minutes Scrooge sees a light streaming down and Scrooge enters the other room and sees the second spirit.Then the spirit orders Scrooge to touch his robe and the vanish inside Bob Cratchit's house, and they find out that Tiny Tim will not survive.Then the clock strikes twelve and Scrooge sees a hooded phantom.
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Stave 4: The Third Spirit

The third spirit approaches Scrooge in a deep black garment.They travel into the future instantly appearing into the city.They listened to some businessmen but Scrooge does not see himself in the crowds.Next they end up in the Cratchits house and Bob mourns for Tiny Tim who has died recently.Then the spirit takes Scrooge to a churchyard to see Scrooge's grave and Scrooge cries out to the spirit saying he will change his ways if you me live.
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