Oconto Falls Elementary School

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May 2022

Dates to Remember

5/13- Grandparents Day

5/20- 4K Concert

5/24- Bay Beach- 5th Grade Field Trip

5/25- 3rd Grade Field Trip- Heritage Hill State Park

2nd Grade Field Trip- Mulberry Lane & New Zoo

5/26-1st Grade Field Trip- Building for Kids

5/27- Walk and Wheels Event

5/30- Memorial Day- No School for Students

5/31- Track & Field Day (Grades 3-5)- 9am-11am

6/2- 5th Grade Celebration- Memorial Field 10:30-12:30

Last Day for Students

6/3- Last Day for Teachers

Running Club Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:15-4:30

Upcoming School Events in May

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wit4girls- Registration

Click here to register for wit4girls

The Safety Squad Newsletter- May 2022

"The Safety Squad" is a newsletter written by our School Resource Officer, Jamie Kuhn. The purpose is to share information that is pertinent to maintaining a safe school environment.

Grandparent's Day

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Wheel and Walk to School Day

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Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

To sign up for this program, please click on the form below, print it out, and submit it to your child's teacher by May 20th.
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5K Concert Video

5K Concert 4222022
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Recess Information

Dress For Recess


Students should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for our Wisconsin weather. Students are required to go outside for recess unless the temperature or wind chill is below zero or it is raining. Therefore, it is important that students are dressed appropriately, especially when the weather is cold or damp. The following temperature guidelines have been developed to help with the selection of clothes. Parents are encouraged to direct their children to dress warmer than the temperature ranges indicated if they feel it is necessary. However, given the length of our recesses (15 or 20 minutes) and the active nature of play by most children, these guidelines should be appropriate for most.

Over 60 degrees - Short sleeved shirts and shorts are OK.

50 – 59 degrees - Long sleeved shirt.

40 – 49 degrees - Lighter jacket. If in the upper range, then a heavy hooded sweatshirt is OK.

Under 40 degrees - Winter jacket, hat or headband, mittens or gloves. K – 3 students are expected to wear snow pants outside if parents sent them to school with the child and the temperatures warrant their wear. Students in grades 4 – 5 may choose to wear/not wear snow pants on the blacktop area.

Snow conditions - When snow is present, snow pants and boots must be worn to play off the blacktop area. When the ground is sufficiently dry such that if students step off the blacktop area they will not track mud into the school and classrooms, then boots will not be required.

Older student’s (4th and 5th grade) often prefer not to wear boots at recess. When the asphalt is dry, this is not a problem. However, occasionally the asphalt area on the playground is snow covered or covered with slush (sometimes this happens during the school day). For that reason, we recommend that all students have a pair of boots available at school to wear during recess as needed.

Please note that these are approximate guidelines, not absolutes. If the temperatures are close to the next range, supervisors will use their discretion if they feel some modification is OK. If other conditions are present, such as heavy wind or a very light mist (one not hard enough to call for inside recess), then warmer dress will be called for.

It is highly recommended that each student have a heavy sweatshirt, sweater, or light jacket at school each day to allow for variations in temperature throughout the day.

Request for Extra Clothes

With sloppy spring weather, we are having an increasing number of students coming in asking for a set of dry clothes. There are also times when a student needs a change of clothes due to a rip or spilling a liquid on themselves. Please send an extra set of clothes (underwear, pants and shirt) to keep in your child's locker. Our supply is very limited and we want to make sure your children are comfortable!

Personal Possessions at School

Recently there have been issues involving toys brought from home, so we wanted to share this quick reminder regarding our personal possession policy.

The Student Handbook states:

"OFES discourages students from bringing valuable toys, games, or other items to school, as we do not wish to see these items stolen, damaged, or misused. Students are not allowed to play with these items in the classroom or to bring them onto the playground at recess. We have defined "valuable" to be items valued at $20 or more." Examples of items that cannot be used during the school day: Nintendo Switches, Amazon Fire Tablets, iPads etc.

"However, we understand that some students have very long bus rides (some up to an hour) and that having access to these types of items may help them to pass the time. If you choose to allow your child to take these types of devices to school, please communicate to your child that the item is for use on the bus only and that the school cannot be responsible if the item is lost, stolen or damaged. If a less valuable item can be substituted, please consider doing so. The school is not responsible for any possessions."

OFES Student Handbook 2021-2022

Personal Possessions, Page 9

Support our School and Shop with Scrip

Scrip orders are due 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, with delivery 1 week after the order date. If you have question please call Rebecca at (920)846-0555.

2022 Summer School Information

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Kid Station is Back at OFES!!!

Next school year we will be offering Kids Station at Oconto Falls Elementary for our students attending 4K. They will stay at Oconto Falls Elementary for both Kids Station and for 4K.

If you are interested in this program for your child, please contact the school’s office at 920-848-4476.

Free Workshops and Seminars in May!

Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is offering the following seminars and workshops.

Developing Good Bedtime Routines, Workshop on Tantrums, and Parenting Seminars.

For more information call 920-391-5818 or email Karla@fcrnew.org or visit https://www.fcrnew.org/parents/triple-p/

Food Service

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