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Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program

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5-Day Intensive Mentoring Retreat

Led by Alan Seale

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Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 10am to Saturday, Nov. 16th, 4pm

Eko Resort & Natural SPA Łąki 45a, 24-160 Łąki (Near Nałęczów)

The closest airport is in Lublin (40 minutes from the venue)

Transport also provided from Warsaw to the venue and back (2h 30 minutes to the venue).

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The Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program (TPLM) is designed for those who wish to further refine their Transformational Presence skills and capacities as a leader, coach, and facilitator. The focus of the program is on leading and facilitating Transformational Presence concepts, frameworks, and tools in organizational, business, group, and workshop or seminar settings.

Why Transformational Presence?

Transformational Presence is a way of showing up in the world that creates the best possible culture or environment for accelerated growth, evolution, and personal/organizational/societal transformation. It starts with alignment within ourselves, and then alignment with the greater purpose we feel called to serve.

Transformational Presence means being aware of the dynamic and interactive energetic conversation that is constantly unfolding with ourselves, with the world around us, and the ever-emerging potential of who we are as individuals, as organizations, as companies, and as a collective society.

In this new era of the Great Breaking Open, the leaders and facilitators who will make the greatest impact for transformation and service are those who are skilled at navigating the complexities of a rapidly changing and uncertain world. They continue to expand their capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, resilience, compassion, and transformative action. And they constantly support those they serve to do the same. This is what Transformational Presence is all about. It creates a strong foundation for dynamic, engaged, progressive, and healthy communities, organizations, and social systems.

Program Design

Enrollment in the Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program (TPLM) is limited to eight Transformational Presence graduates. This ensures optimal personal attention to each participant.

The program begins with an intake session with Alan in the weeks before the five-day program. In this session, you will begin exploring where you are now in your work in the world and the persistent callings of your life—who you feel called to be, and what you feel called to offer to others. You will establish your intentions for this program, at least as you understand them at that point, so that Alan knows how to best support you in the mentoring process. This will include clarifying how you wish to use the Transformational Presence approach in your work and leadership.

We will then continue with the five-day intensive retreat in November—in-depth personal and group mentoring with Alan in personal presence, group facilitation and presentation, and in advanced Transformational Presence coaching skills and capacities.

Following the five-day retreat, each participant will also have an outtake session with Alan—a time to draw the program together for your insights and takeaways.

For those who wish continued support, there is an optional follow-up coaching/mentoring package of sessions with Alan.

Each Participant Makes Three Presentations

Each participant will have three opportunities to present in front of the group. You are encouraged to choose topics and formats that will serve you the most in your work.

As examples, you might choose to introduce or teach a Transformational Presence concept; to lead the group in one of the Transformational Presence tools, frameworks, or exercises; to lead the group through a process that you have created that is aligned with Transformational Presence; or to present a coaching session with one of your colleagues as your coachee.

Your colleagues in the program will become your group for your presentations. You will receive feedforward from them as well as detailed verbal and written feedforward from Alan similar to what you may have experienced in the Supervised Mentor Coaching videoconference or teleclass series.

There will be a specific time structure for each presentation:

  • For Presentation #1, you will have 10-15 minutes, followed by feedforward from the group and detailed feedforward from Alan. All participants will make their first presentation on Day 1. For this first short presentation, think of it as a TED talk. You might want to introduce or teach a concept, or lead the group in a very simple, short discovery process. This first presentation gives everyone a chance to be in front of the group on the first day and for us to begin learning from each other right away.

  • For Presentation #2, you will have 25-30 minutes, followed by feedforward. In Presentation #2, you might choose to lead the group in an exercise, a coaching framework, or a discovery process. Or if your work is primarily one-on-one coaching, you might choose to do a mini-coaching session with one of your colleagues as your coachee.

  • For Presentation #3, you will have 30-40 minutes, followed by approximately 20 minutes for feedforward. In this final presentation, you are invited to lead the group in a more substantial exercise or discovery process, or to do a full coaching session.


Mentoring with Alan has taken my understanding of what mentoring means to a whole different level. I came with the intention to further develop myself, yet what I found was something so much bigger and more relevant than I ever could have expected. Alan’s presence and the way that he holds space for all of the participants awakens authenticity and courage. This program is a cauldron of wisdom stretching you for new openings as a leader, as a coach, and as a human.

—Joanna Zawada-Kubik, MCC, CTPC (Poland)

Whenever I am being coached or mentored by Alan, I feel myself growing in the moment. He is the only person I know who can give me very clear and direct comments on how to be more effective, and at the same time, make me feel amazing about who I am and what I do.

—Jo Boniszewski, CTPC (Netherlands)

To be mentored by Alan is a priceless gift to yourself. Alan is not only a Master Teacher, he’s also masterful at didactics. In my view, his skills in mentoring are unparalleled. Every opportunity to practice teaching a Transformational Presence concept or demo-coaching a specific tool was a joy-filled learning experience. My learning curve in the week with Alan was very steep. Every day I was lovingly invited to stretch myself to the next level. I came away from this experience with a huge smile on my face, deep gratitude for a highly inspirational week, and, moreover, with a heightened sense of self-confidence in my skills as an impactful front of the room workshop leader.

—Sander van Ekelen, CTPC (Netherlands)

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2500 € + 23% VAT Early bird - (till July, 15th)

2850 € + 23% VAT Regular price

The program fee does not include travel or hotel.

Accomodation & meals (to be paid at the venue, separately):

Single room - 445 € / 1895 PLN

Double room - 345 € / 1462 PLN

(4 nights, 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners)

The closest airport is in Lublin (40 minutes from the venue)

Transport also provided from Warsaw to the venue and back (2h 30 minutes to the venue).

The size of a group:

Enrollment is limited to 8 participants

to ensure a high level of personal attention

and support.

How to apply and register

To apply for this program, please send an email to Joanna Zawada-Kubik at expressing your interest in joining this program in November 2019. Please include a short paragraph telling us what draws you to this mentoring program now.

You will then receive confirmation email with further details around your accommodation and next steps concerning participation in our program.