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September 2021

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Be Proud to Be a Brickie! Carry the Banner High!

The pride and tradition of being a Brickie is rich! There is such a sense of community in how we rally behind our mission and that oh so famous motto we teach every student to know and do. All My Life I Want to Be a Brickie! Work! Work! Work!

We have so much to celebrate. What are you proud of in the School City of Hobart? Drop us a note or download the card and email it to us and let us know at!

The success of our graduates and how to continue the progress of College and Career dreams tops our list of what we are proud of in the Brickie Nation.

Please continue to partner with us!

We have a mindset for our students and what we do as educators! We know we have Brickies who have dreams! We are here to make them come true!

Let’s Go Bricks! Be a Brickie! Be Excellent on Purpose!

We want to hear why YOU are proud to be a Brickie! Click the image below to access the Google form and explain your Brickie Pride! Then visit to read about how others are Proud To Be A Brickie! #BrickieUp #BeExcellentOnPurpose

Be a Brickie! Be Excellent on Purpose! Student Accomplishments With Hobart University! We are Brickie Proud!

Hobart University is providing many opportunities for or students! Our Brickies are accomplishing more than they could ever imagine while in high school... and it is all for FREE!

During the 2018-2019 school year we had 727 students achieving college credits. We offered 72 courses that were taught by 36 educators, earning our Brickies a total of 6,222 college credits and a savings of $874,946 in tuition! During the 2019-2020 school year we had an amazing 829 students achieve college credits while offering 96 courses taught by 49 educators. This earned our Brickies 7,704 college credits while saving an astonishing $1,152,233.20 in tuition!

This past year, 2020 - 2021, was incredible for our Brickies and their futures. 795 students achieved college credits with 123 courses being taught by 50 educators. In total they earned 7,299 college credits and saved $1,091,565.45 in tuition!

Over all in the past three years, with the implementation of Hobart University, our Brickies have earned 21,225 college credits while achieving their high school degree and saved over THREE MILLION dollars in tuition! Students gain experience and skills in their field of interest, with some even leaving high school with an Associate degree and all graduating knowing they have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about Hobart University at

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Be College And Career READY at SCOH! Plan For Success!

Click the title above to find ALL the information you need to help your student prepare for their future in the best way possible! Whether they are getting certified or working towards a degree, the School City of Hobart is here to help.

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2021 College GO! Resources

This website is full of amazing resources for both college and career oriented students. Find the right career or college for you, learn about the fees and tuition associated with them, apply for career internships and SO MUCH MORE!

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Learn More Indiana Magazines: Indiana's Guide To Student Success!

No matter what you life plans or goals are, education is the one thing that can give you the power to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Learn More Indiana is a complete resource standing behind you, dedicated to helping you accomplish your education the way you want and following your dreams as closely as possible. Get started down your own path and define your future.

Learn More Indiana publishes Learn More magazines for ever age level, from Kindergarten to Adults, designed to help students take the right steps to prepare for and succeed in college. magazines are available for downloading and can be viewed by clicking the link below or on our website at along with other helpful information!

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HHS's "Career In The Trades" Newsletter!

This monthly newsletter is made for our Brickies to learn about career opportunities that are available right now because more than ever it is important for you to make sure you have options for what skills you develop and what credentials you earn so that you are marketable.

A successful worker is one who is up-to-date on trends in their industry and who is always willing to learn and refine their skills and abilities. So, what can you do right now to prepare for your future - whether college or trade?

Take dual classes while in high school! Through Hobart University you can work to earn a certificate, technical certificates, or even an associate's degree which gives you an extra boost after graduation and saves you money! Check out the newsletter below and talk with your counselor to see what Hobart University can do for you!

Click here to access the newsletter or the button below!

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Indiana Department of Education encourages teachers, students, parents, and administrators to watch the video below which provides information regarding why Indiana is transitioning to the SAT and what to expect moving forward.

SAT Accountability Assessment
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Be Our Partner! Regularly Check Your Students Assignments And Grades In Canvas and Skyward! Here Is How:

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Read all about our school plan on our Brickie Forward page! You can access it by clicking the image above or visiting Here you can find our Top 5, the reminder to report symptoms to our nurses at, the face mask recommendation, as well as the pledge to protect Brickies!

Masks can be worn by anyone. They are strongly recommended by the CDC/IDOH while indoors. Masks are mandated on buses by the federal government. Please carry a mask at all times. It is recommended to put the mask on in crowded spaces while indoors.

It is still very important to wash your hands and refrain from touching your face!

Finally, get our weekly update of COVID positive and quarantine cases in our schools for staff and students every Friday after school lets out. You can access it at

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Breathing Techniques

These techniques have been taught to the SCOH students this past month. Focused breathing practices are useful at all times of the day. For example use the practices to calm the brain, refocus during homework and/or before you go to sleep.
*4-7-8 breath Guidance linked here.

*5 Finger Breath

Family Engagement

Are you looking to begin a routine of healthy choices for the whole family?
It’s a fitMarathon to the rescue! Over the month of September, work together to make 26 healthy choices from the handout - click here to access! Keep track of your process using the marathon sheet.
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Join the Battle to End Vaping

Attention student! Want to dash your dreams of playing sports? Then start vaping. It’s a guaranteed way to irreversibly damage your lungs, your game … and your life. Dreams aren’t that important, are they? Don't Puff This Stuff! #VapingKillsDreams

Indiana currently leads the nation is deaths caused by vaping-related illnesses - don't become one of the statistics. #DitchVaping

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No School - Labor Day!

Monday, Sep. 6th, 7:30am

School City of Hobart District

Enjoy the first break of the school year! Remember to continue being smart and safe when around others.

College GO! Week

Monday, Sep. 20th, 7am to Friday, Sep. 24th, 4pm

School City of Hobart District

College GO! kick-off week and College Application Week are right around the corner! Both take place on September 20 – 24, but we’ll be posting throughout the month of September to connect your students with application resources and college and university partners.

2021 resources are available here:

Hobart High School Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 5pm

2211 East 10th Street

Hobart, IN

Like last year, this will be virtual through zoom with your student's teachers. More information will be posted in Skyward and Canvas closer to the event for you to sign-up. We will also have on our social media pages.

Published by:

Dr. Peggy Buffington and Sarah Ramos

The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or disability, including limited English proficiency.

Contact us through the directory.

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