A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a fascinating book that I would highly recommend you to read. Firstly, it was a very interesting story. It was about a very grumpy old man who got haunted by three spirits. This made him change his personality quite dramatically. Another reason the story was interesting is because the three spirits he was haunted by all had there own characteristics. One was the ghost of Christmas past, another was the ghost of Christmas present, and the last one was was the ghost of Christmas future. Lastly, it was awesome to see the characters in the graphic novel. I say this because it is cool to compare your interpretation of the characters looks with someone else's. To conclude, I would give this book a 9/10 it has a great story and I would recommend you to read it.

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Scrooge had to sacrifice time and money to become a better person. He did this to make himself and others happy. I made a sacrifice by doing my homework and studying instead of playing games.