Joyceville PS Week Ahead

February 15-19

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

This is a reminder that we are going to try to do our February "monthly" staff meeting via Yammer. You should have received an email inviting you to join the Yammer Group. If you have not, please let me know. I posted three discussion questions. Please respond to these questions at a time and location that is convenient for you by the end of the month.

Please let us know when you participate in a CI. Wendy requires the date, time, and location so that she can fill out the paperwork. Please remember that if buses are cancelled, all PD is cancelled and you will need to cancel your OT. I will cancel OTs that have been pre-booked for other reasons (e.g. personal leave).

Here are a few reminders about dismissal time:

  • Students should be ready to load buses at 3:35 (there have been some stragglers lately).
  • Please escort students to buses and student pick-up area at 3:35 to ensure they get to where they need to go.

Some of us talked briefly about doing some innovation week activities before March Break. Below are a few links to websites that you could review to get some ideas of what we could do! We can talk about it over the next few weeks.

Finally, there seems to be more student conflict than usual! It seems to come with this time of year. I saw this short post below and it reminder of a simple way to help kids go beyond saying "sorry" and show empathy.

Have a good 4 day week :)


Beyond "Sorry"

Innovation Week Inspiration...

This Week

Monday, February 15

  • Family Day - No School

Tuesday, February 16, Day 1

  • Term 1 Reports due - Please let Wendy know when they are ready so she can run a compliance report
  • OT Feedbacks - 2:00-3:00 - Heather
  • Dawn, Spi, Nancy - CI (pm)
  • Girls basketball game @ home

Wednesday, February 17, Day 2

  • Amber Wynn (Right to Read tutor) - student assessments (pm)
  • Girls basketball game @ home
  • Boys basketball @Storrington

Thursday, February 18, Day 3

  • Dean - CI (pm)

Friday, February 19, Day 4

  • Plaid/Camo Day
  • Spi - Health Workshop (am)
  • Dawn, Jill N - CI (am)

Upcoming Dates

February 22 Right to Read starts (Mondays and Wednesdays 3:50-5:20)

February 24 Parent Council Country Fair Planning Meeting 6pm

February 25 Public Speaking

February 29 PA Day

March 1 Term 1 Report Cards go home

March 3 Grad and sibling photos

March 7-11 Innovation and Creativity Week

Monthly Safety Video

Back Safety: Lifting Safety - Use Your Head - Back Injury Prevention - Safety Video