Weekly Launch

March 5-March 9


-Don't forget to use a marble!!

-Continue to revisit goal setting with your students. Think about what is working and what you need to tweak. Sandy has lots of examples(pictures) on the Rocket Reflections.

-Please be sure to have your TELPAS writing samples completed by Wednesday, March 7th.
-See Renee if you would like to get paid for the tutoring you are doing!

-I will be sending an email out about how we will handle things with voting. Arrival, dismissal and block will be changed. Be on the lookout for the email.

-Please be mindful of our paper usage. We have gone through 15 cases of paper in 2 1/2 weeks. Please make sure that what you are running pertains to the curriculum and are not "busy work".

-Don't forget to fill out a proposal to present at the CCISD Character Conference!!! It is due on March 19th.

-I love all the Donor's Choose projects on Facebook after 1st grade's presentation :0)

Important Dates

March 5-wear college shirt

Benchmark-3rd/4th reading

March 6-

4th/5th math collaboration-stadium


March 7-Kinder math collaboration-ESC

TELPAS writing samples due!

4th grade field trip to rodeo


Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night

March 8-Field Day

March 9-end of 3rd nine weeks

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year-Shara Mills!

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Tolerance

Word of the month-Fairness

Morning Announcements-Hirsch

Big picture

Word of the Week-Develop

Compliment Corner

Melissa Ramirez needs a compliment because she carried on as normal in my absence. Many thanks to you Melissa!-Mary Serbantez

Chelsea Coipel, Hester Smith, Thea Raj and Jessica Delacruz need a compliment because of the support with Wildlife during Fit Night.-Leesa Young

Cathy Compa needs a compliment because she has hit the ground running and is a great gift to the team! So glad to have her!-Shannon Benson

Lacey Turrentine and Nicole Janese need a compliment because they send me pictures and videos of Parker when I'm not on campus to attend events-Jeannie Neyland

Ashley Bourque needs a compliment because she is always flexible when the schedule changes! Thank you!-Debbie Joiner