I first started drawing when I was little.  I lost interest for a while, but after seeing someone elses art, I wanted to start drawing again.

Art media

There are many different kinds of art media.  Paint, pencil, watercolor, and digital.  The one that works for me the most would be pencil and digital; doing the lines with pencil and the coloring on digital.

Art styles

Every artist has his/her own style that they draw in.  It might take a while but eventually, with enough drawing you will find your own personal style.  My style is somwhat cartoon-like, maturing from my embarrassing previous style.

The present

I am having a lot of fun drawing currently.  It is much harder than it looks, but it is still very enjoyable.  There are times when I look at my older art and cringe internally, but thats what its like, being a maturing artist.