National Devistation

The harsh reality of World War I


Here's to the soldiers who have suffered so much loss throughout their stuggles in WWI. They have fought for their country against all of the world for one cause. They have suffered in loss of their fellow companions. The casualties in WWI were far into the millions for each country that fought. Germany was the strongest 'bully' in this fight, the country took advantage of all the other weaker ones. There was a strong hatred between France and Germany throughout the war. The hatred between other countries are what fueled the start of this war. Pain and suffering is what waited behind every corner.

Dear Editor

The events that took place during the years of 1914 to 1918 is an upsetting topic to discus. Young men, almost the same age as I am, were fighting other countries. The depressing subject makes you think about all of the causalities that happened in each country. The worst thing to think about is the trenches that these young men lived in for the majority of the war. These trenches were all around Europe. Men lived and fought in these filthy holes in the dirt. Another upsetting detail is that so many countries were brought into the war because of treaties they signed before the war began. A lot of the generals were inexperienced and cost people their lives.

Trench Warfare in WW1 - TeacherTube Video