By Hannah Chilton

The Ancient Monotheistic Religion

Judaism started out in the ancient eastern village known as Canaan, which is modern day Israel. It originated around 2000 B.C, and was special due to it being monotheistic. Abraham had a covenant with the god, Allah, which triggered the initial start of Judaism.

Early History

Judaism worship one god, Allah. It was believed that Abraham had a covenant with Allah, and therefore Abraham was looked up to by many followers. Originally, it was as system of beliefs, and eventually grew to have many traditions and a grounded text, known as the Torah. Jews refer to the first five books of the old testament as a part of the Torah. Jews also believe that Jesus was an ordinary, and wasn't a messiah.

Today's Impacts

Today, Judaism has approximately 14,000,000 followers, with the majority being in present day Israel. Jews believe in peace, equality, respect for humanity, social responsibility, and family.