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Journey from Hell to Health

(Book Introduction)

Maybe you’re not feeling well. It may worse than that. You may be in a life crisis and don’t like the options you’ve been offered.

Are you open to looking at things through a new lens? Are you ready to question the things you’re being told and sold?

You may have heard that certain procedures you’ve been getting are dangerous, like a mammogram. If that’s the case, how can you trust the other procedures being recommended?

You’ve know there are unsafe products being sold, such as non-stick pans. If that’s the case, how can you trust products you buy but haven’t questioned?

You feel stressed after watching news, TV or an internet site. How can that promote your well-being?

Who can you really trust?

You have to trust yourself and get to answers and beliefs that are based on facts, not what someone wants you to buy or do. You can be the solution to your health problems and you can create greater and lasting happiness for yourself.

Independent studies exist that are not sponsored by the system that wants to buy something else. But you have to dig. For example, the study of vitamins is not in the domain of scientific community.

Once I began questioning, I couldn’t stop until I felt I got to the truth. I saw the interconnectedness of the body, mind and emotional parts of life. I saw the reason to question not only food choices, but many other choices as well.

The fact is that it does little good to eat the healthiest food but then take toxic pharmaceutical drugs. What overall good is it going to your heart to avoid fried foods but then lead a stressful life that will likely cause heart problems? Why eat organic foods free of chemicals and then use poisonous products on your skin and hair.

One question lead to the next. One area lead to another. My research lead me to see the big picture. By putting this book together, I hope to help make you aware of all of the important facts and information that are generally not published because it’s not in the interest of the system that wants to profit from you..

In the chapter on food, we question how food production has changed and what we really are being sold for consumption. How does it affect our bodies? What is harmful, what is helpful? How can we make changes to our diet, recognizing that making changes isn’t easy and we may like stuff that isn’t good for us?

In the Lifestyle chapter, we start with the fundamental question of what choices are we making. Do you know you have a choice? Do you think you just have to do what you’re doing? Or have to believe that doing more of the same is going to make you happier?

As part of the lifestyle chapter, we talk about the importance of having meaningful work, contentment in your job. We talk about making and meeting goals. We talk about how the importance of budgeting, investing, living within your means, and how this all relates to your happiness.

In the environment chapter, we talk about the importance of a healthy environment and how it has become polluted and dangerous. We talk about ways to reducing exposure where we can, such as not living by a power grid. And we talk about not buying products that greatly add to the problem, such as bottled water. Finally, we talk about the necessity of having to detox because of continuous exposure to environmental toxins.

We have another section where we talk about detoxing in greater detail. We discuss how the body can be detoxed and why its important to proceed with caution. We discuss the relationships between chemicals and disease.

We have a chapter on consumer products and the importance of becoming aware of what dangerous products are being sold, such as poisons, self-cleaning oven, non-stick pans, which should be avoided, and the need to make informed choices. We also discuss using natural products and which can do a job for a fraction of the cost of synthetic products.

We wrote a chapter on the third leading cause of death: the medical system. We talk about why it’s so important to try to keep out of it, except for certain necessary, life-saving interventions. We discuss the history of the American Medical Association just to show the connection with money, and why we think it is wise to distrust recommendations for drugs and surgery. We discuss how medical providers could be well-meaning but still harmful recommendations that due to brainwashing.

Finally, we talk about one of the most important aspects of life that can lead to poor health, sickness and death: relationships. They are often ignored or left out of considerations of health but have a very significant role. We talk about how it is most important to start with the relationship with oneself and then about relationships with others. We also discuss how important it is to avoid or get away from people who may be harmful, such as abusive, controlling, addictive or negative people.

The whole idea of this book is that by opening yourself to new, true information, you will form new beliefs. When you form new beliefs, you will want to change how you live, what you buy, how you relate to yourself and others. These changes can help you feel better than ever and help you be happier and more-fulfilled.

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