By: Kyra Dick

Introduction into writing

English is one of my favorite classes because I like to read, the stories are interesting and they help me remember vocab words. I like the way class is relaxing and unstressful. This portfolio shows how I have grown over the first semester.

Christmas Ghost Introduction

The reason why i wrote this story is because i have a huge obsession over knowning if ghost's are real or not. This story that i wrote was actually based on a true story that happened in Henderson, Nebraska. This lady has gone through a lot of things to figure out what has happened in her home. She has also noted all the things she has gone through since then.

The Christmas Ghost

One night in the creepy cabin in the middle of the night about 3 o’clock in the morning three girls sit there on the couch telling creepy stories. These creepy stories make the girls wonder if anything happens like in real life. They go outside and just wonder around the cabin down the long driveway they see nothing but cornfields and nothing but the red moon covered with clouds. The girls wonder back to the cabin and go inside lock all doors and shut all the windows. They go inside the office to see if the windows are locked and they see a face in the window … it turns out that it was her reflection. She finally stopped freaking out and they say around the TV and fire and tell scary stories. One of the girls goes this is a true story in fact it happens in this very own town. The story begins in this very own town in Henderson Nebraska where a lady lives in the country about a mile out of town. Every Christmas all she here’s is little footsteps running up the stairs every morning, when this girl was little she lived In the country and every day after her father coming home he would open the drawer to put his keys and wallet in there and she knew he was home when she heard the drawer squawk open. One day her mother asked her to go down in the basement and get out something for her and when she went down the stairs she fell and hit her head. When the little died a new family moved in and every night they would hear that same squeaking noise that the little girl would hear when her dad got home from work. After awhile the new family changed the counter tops and drawers because they thought the noise would stop if they changed it, well it didn’t. Every night in their basement they would hear that same noise that she has always made. When you go to bed do you leave your Christmas tree lights off? Well they don’t and every morning when they would get up they would go to where the tree is and the lights would be on. Every day since they have put their Christmas tree up and turn the lights off at night they would wake up with those Christmas lights on and if you want to read about this more and get the full scary story the lady that lives there has documented stuff that’s happen for 30 years.

Most Dangerous Game Introduction

The reason why i wrote this piece is because i thought that it was a really interesting and entertaining story. The way i thought of this story was the way i envision me and my brother fighting minus the killing. I also found it interesting how these guys have just met and they already want to kill each other. When the guy Rainsford first stepped onto Zarnoffs property i doubt he thought that he was going to end up killing this guy.

The Most Dangerous Game the sequel

When Rainsford ended up in General Zaroff’s room he had deer heads and red paint dripping that looked like blood on the walls. The men battled it out in the house then they took it into the forest. Rainsford out smarted the general by tying a vine to the boulder and rolled it down the mountain it hit the general in the head and gave him a brain hemorrhage he ended up dead. That night Rainsford got a good night sleep not worrying about General Zaroff trying to killing him. That was the best nights sleep he claimed. Living in a big mansion with servants was the best idea he had. Once he had killed Zarroff, he felt so alive and he felt like he did something great. He freed all of the men that had been caught in Zarroffs web on trying to make them his prey. They were all treated like animals he thought that no man should ever be treated that way. Rainsford had all of the men live with him including Whitney. Whitney wasn’t sure how Rainsford ended up on this island or this house, but he was sure if he believed him. The men kept hunting, all sorts of animals. They were glad that they weren’t hunting people like General Zaroff. From then on Rainsford kept the hunting to its true meaning animals. The house was filled with all sorts of animal heads lions, jaguar, deer, elk, and moose. All of the men that were freed and they all lived in the great house with nothing to worry about, not worrying about if you were going to die the next day. They had a picture mounted on the wall of the General they all liked him for bravery and that’s what they appreciated him for. They held no grudge and they all moved on in the end.

The end!

Charlie Poem Introduction

I decided to write this kind of poem because i believe this best fit charlie and the words i thought were important that he used. When i first kind of heard what charlie talked and wrote like i was kind of shocked that someone could read and write that bad and then i realized that he had a disability. I think i loved Charlie as a character because he had so much passion for someone who doesn't know much. When Charlie got smart i believe that he deserved to see how it is to know things and feel smart.

Charlie Poem

I never noticed how beautiful Alice is

Pigeon soft brown eyes and feathery brown hair

Full lips, like she’s pouting

Charlie calm down,

He cries out in joy

Her bare arm touched me

This was an implication that all of his problems have been solved,

Of course not a world of just make believe,

Things just don’t happen that way

And it doesn’t feel right

I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything,

And that’s okay….

You’ll climb higher and higher to see more and more of the world around you


This portfolio highlights my growth as a writer this fall. I have gotten better at creating suspense, describing details and correcting my writing and grammar. I believe that i deserve an A for efforts because i have learned more about punctuation from my mug shots that we do every other morning. My favorite story was the Scarlet Ibis because to me it had a lot of suspense because the little boy Doodle could have died at any moment. I think i have troubles trying to fix stories because i often mess up where my punctuation should go and how to match how i wanted the story to end and having to make up that ending or continuous story to match with the story it started with. I struggled with The Necklace because i didn't understand why they went through all that trouble instead of just telling her friend that she lost the necklace. I enjoyed the book Flowers for Algernon because we all got to see his growth from not being the smartest to being extremely smart. This Spring i am looking forward to reading and watching Romeo and Juliet because i have never read or seen it, and Enders Game because Coach Orht says its just as interesting.