1920 s'more

Learn about some stuff that happened in the 1920's

The roaring 20's

The roaring 20's was an economic boom that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many (but not all Americans). New technologies such as the automobile,the airplane, the radio, and new appliances improved people's lives. However, some such as sharecroppers,farmers,and under paid factory workers were not able to enjoy this rising standard of living.


Prohibition was the ban on all alcohol, many people disliked this.


Jazz was very popular in the 1920's. Jazz is happy sounding music. Sometimes Jazz musicians make up songs as they go along.
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The 19th amendment let all women vote
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The harlm renosance

The Harlem renosanse was a re birth for black art,dance,and music.

Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio

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Mass media helped big business, they could advertise a sport and get people to like that sport and buy tickets to go see it.
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The radio helped create commen American culture by broadcasting sports and getting people to like them and play them.