Non Traditional jobs-Myths

Amanda Aquino

Myth 1

This myth is telling you that women usually make more in tasks/routines then men in agricultural work(unskilled) but are happy doing both and being happy will increase your performance and most likely increase your money.This isn't true because if you do it bad you won't even make any money.

Myth 2

This myth is telling you that when children are young and small men aren't nurturing as good as women do and while the men are working the women will stay home with the children and take care of them, as the kids grow and grow the men are good enough to take care of them as the women are working.If the men are proven to be good enough to nurture young kids then nurturing will be more a matter of personality.This isn't true because it depends on the mens personality and if they are good enough to be a good father.

Myth 3

This myth is telling you that women aren't strong enoguh to work construction or agricultural jobs and it's saying that women have less upper body strength then an average man and lack of strength is not good for this job performace.This isn't true because some woman are really strong and have more strenght then some men.

Myth 4

This myth is telling you that men who work in nontraditional careers aren't masculine and women taht work in nontraditional careers are not femmine,but neither of these are true.Both genders need to follow studies and careers based on their interests,skills and satisfaction.

Myth 5

This myth is telling you that females don't have a strong enough ability for math and science and won't perform well and most men will outnumber women in STEM careers.Women have the ability to try but in the past there were challenges,disadvantages and lack of acceptance.