By: Maddie Hollinshead & Holly Hahn

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  • Birth date & early childhood is shrouded in mystery
  • Mother was an opera singer
  • Took position as leader of country in 2012 after his father passed away
  • Believed to be 31, 32 or 33 depending on which birth date you believe
  • He attended the International School of Bern under the fake name Pak Un
  • He was a big fan of Jackie Chan during his school days
  • His haircut is very popular in his country and is known as the "ambition cut"

North Korea's First Lady Ri Sol Ju Seen For the First Time this Year

Kim Jung Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju were seen together for the first time this year at a soccer match. The last time the first lady was seen was in December, 2014. This is shocking because he is very private and little is known about him. The soccer they were at was between Sonbong and Hwoebul, with Sonbong winning 3-1 (CNN). Ri Sol Ju accompanied her husband and some other North Korean officials to the soccer game in Pyongyang. The game was part of celebration to mark the 103rd anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea and Kim Jong Un's grandfather (NBC). Ri Sol Ju is thought to be a singer who caught Kim Jong Un's attention during a performance, and she may be a part of his efforts to project a more relaxed image compared to his predecessors (BBC).
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