Ancient Egypt Government

Pharaohs, Viziers and Government Officials!

Pharaoh Facts

  • The Pharaoh was at the head of the government.
  • The Pharaoh owned everything.
  • There was only one Pharaoh at a time.


  • The Vizier was the highest official to serve the Pharaoh.
  • The Vizier received reports from the top officials daily.
  • The Vizier had to report to the Pharaoh about what was happening in Egypt.

Famous Government Officials

Pyramid of government positions

  • Top: Pharaoh
  • Middle: Vizier
  • Bottom: Nobles and Priests

High Priests

  • Priests led religious ceremonies.
  • Priests cared for the God/Godess.
  • Only the Priest was allowed in the temple were the God or Godesses statue was.

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