Shining in First Grade

Weekly Updates in Mrs. Graham's Class

Events for September 19-23

Please return leveled readers and September reading calendars
Star of the Week: Luke
Tuesday: Library/ Music
Wednesday: PE/Title; Please wear appropriate shoes
Thursday: Library/Music; Please bring books for checkout Flu shots; have you returned paperwork if you child is receiving a shot at school?
Friday: PE/Title; Please wear appropriate shoes


Weekly Vocabulary: up, but, go, where, am, here; Please review all color and number words and all Unit 1 words. I will be testing kids over all these words.
Leveled Readers: Please read the books at least 2-3 times. You should be able to read them fluently with expression. Make it a goal to return your books at least 2-3 times a week.
Nightly Reading: Make it a goal to read 20 minutes 5 times a week. Please record your minutes on the September reading calendar. Students can also work towards a READO. Once a student completes 5 reading tasks in a row they may earn a prize.
Counting: Practice counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's beginning at zero all the way to 120 is the goal for a first grader.


We had our first meeting with our Families. Family member introduced themselves, brainstormed a family name, created a handshake and played a game. Ask your child who their family leader is and the name of their family.

Upcoming Events

September 19: School Flu Shots
September 21: Progress Reports sent home
September 26: No School/Teacher In-service
September 29: K-1 Literacy Night (More info coming soon!)

Leader in Me

We have created a classroom mission statement. The students came up with this together; "To be our best, we will be great listeners, helpful to others and kind to everyone. This will help us learn." We say this everyday after the Pledge of Allegiance.

We have begun the process of adding content to our data notebooks. Students are setting personal goals for themselves that they hope to achieve this year. They will also be able to choose a reading and math goal. Students will be graphing their results so they can see their progress throughout the year. We hope to share these with you at conferences.