Willow Weekly

October 10, 2021

Booster Kickoff is on Friday!

We’re only 1 week away from our Willow Springs Fun Run and our students and staff are so excited! We’re looking forward to having fun and building community together.

Donating is officially open on mybooster.com today, and you can support our school in 3 steps:

1. REGISTER your student(s) on mybooster.com today. It takes 30 seconds!

2. SHARE with 5 family/friends using the SHARE tools on mybooster.com (Facebook, Text Message or Email). Students can earn rewards just for sharing from mybooster.com.

3. GIVE a donation if you are able to give.

Key dates to remember:

⭐️ Donating Opens - TODAY!

Register on MYBOOSTER.COM, Share, & Give!

⭐️ Event Kick Off - 10/15 (Tk 1,2&3) 10/25 (Tk 4)

⭐️ Event Day - 10/21 (Tk 3) 10/29 (Tk 1,2& 4)

Every share and donation makes a difference! And, don’t forget…

• All students get to participate in the Event day, regardless of financial participation

• Students will experience an incredible character development program. They’ll be learning about the importance of curiosity, confidence, humility, practice and endurance by following along with Sports City Worldwide! Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/569056182/a3547ba2ee

Thank you for supporting our school - we are grateful for our amazing school community!


Many of you have been asking when you can get in to volunteer, and though we are not open to non-essential volunteers at this time, we are going to start the registration process, so that when we get the green light, our volunteers are ready to go!! The volunteer registration system is set up so that interested volunteers have to register from a WCPSS school site to undergo the background check, and it can take 7-14 days to process. If you think that you may want to volunteer for the classroom or for field day in the spring, then you will want to register as a volunteer. How do you do that?

We are going to set up computers outside in the bus loop on our Fun Run days:

10/21 9:15-10:30

10/29 from 9:15-12:30

which will allow you to pop over and complete the registration while you are here. If you don't want to get caught up in the crowd, or are not planning on coming for the Fun Run, we are also holding a volunteer registration day on October 25 from 9:30-10:30 and 2:30-3:30, where you can come in and register in the cafeteria (Our students will not be in the cafe at those times.)

We hope that providing these windows, we can get an early start on registering our volunteers!

Night falls. Biscuits rise. Money gets raised!

This year we are partnering with Biscuitville for their annual Breakfast After Dark event, from 5PM to 8PM on Tuesday, October 12th. Swing by the Biscuitville in Fuquay Varina to enjoy all your breakfast favorites for dinner. This year's event will be drive-thru only, and we’II receive 20% of all proceeds generated in our name that evening. So, when you order, be sure to tell the cashier to add your order to Willow Springs Elementary. It's only one night, so don't miss out!