What is Digital Citizenship?

Learn the 9 parts to Digital Citizenship


Digital Etiquette is how you make yourself on the web so either nice or mean depending on how you want to be noticed.It is best to be nice to people online because they may find out who you are and everything you have done will backfire into your face.I

2.Digital Communication

Make sure to not give out personal information online for your safety and protection unless your account is set to private. Also be nice to people online and do not use abbreviations while texting or talking.

3.Digital Literacy

Do not steal information for your homework or papers online. If you get caught by your teacher or guardian you'll get into some trouble. If you get caught by a copyright agency then you could face fines that you may not be able to pay off.

4. Digital Access

What you have access to online is digital access and you should use it properly and wisely.

What you don't have access to online shouldn't be attempted to access and using other peoples accounts as your own is bad.

5. Digital Commerce

Make sure to read the fine print before agreeing to a membership or applying for a website. You could be looking up images for your business and forgot to use a copyright filter and end up being find.

6. Digital Rights and Responsibilties

Your digital rights are the same as your rights as a citizen of your country. You have many freedoms online such as the freedom of speech which allows you to express yourself online in anyway you want. But you should use these rights responsible and don't talk bad about other people online just because you can.

7.Digital Law

Make sure that if you use copyrighted material to always give credit to the creator or founder and if not you could possibly face plagiarism fines.

8.Digital Health

People can be cyber bullied online any the bully will have little to no consequences but it will have a big effect on the person being bullied and that could lead them to depression and even self harm.

9.Digital Security

Make sure to not have any passwords or accounts that could be easy for online hackers to steal your information. The biggest effects can happen if they get into a very important account such as your bank account