WHPS High School Math Department

Winter 2022 Newsletter

Course Recommendations

During January, all teachers will be making and speaking to students about course recommendations for next school year. Math teachers review assessment data from semester 1 as well as standardized assessment data to make thoughtful and appropriate recommendations. Given the sequential and cumulative nature of mathematics, it is best to follow your teacher's recommendation. There can be significant challenges in choosing a course different from the one that the teacher recommends. If you are considering choosing a different course than the recommended one, we strongly suggest that you talk with your math teacher and/or department supervisor so that they can best advise on the potential challenges and impact of that choice.

Additionally, math teachers will be recommending a computer science (CS) elective in addition to a core math course. The computer science electives are a great way to expand your logic and problem solving skills. You should not plan to take a CS course in place of your math course, but it is a great supplement to your mathematics pathway. See below for additional computer science information.

For more detailed information, please review the Program of Studies on the school website and the Presentation below.

New Mathematics and Computer Science Opportunities Summer 2022

WHPS Summer School 2022 will offer two new semester electives in which students can earn high school credit:

Exploring Computer Science (HSCS6451), offered Semester 1

.5 STEM elective credit, Grades 9-12 (including rising 9th)

Exploring Computer Science is a STEM course that promotes the use of computing to solve a wide array of problems. This course provides the prerequisite skills for Advanced Placement Computer Science and other computer science courses. Students will engage in rich activities requiring creativity, computing, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. This semester course will include topics such as human-computer interaction, problem-solving, computer programming, computing and data analysis, and robotics. Ethical and social issues in computer science are embedded throughout the course.

Problem Solving with Programming (HSCS6651), offered Semester 2

.5 STEM elective credit, Grades 9-12 (including rising 9th)

This is a pilot course that is not currently being offered during the school year. This course provides an opportunity to engage with core mathematical concepts through applications to computer programming. Students will engage in rich activities and projects requiring creativity, logic, and problem-solving. Students will work with a text-based programming language (Pyret) in a supportive and collaborative environment. The course will make connections to the following mathematical concepts: order of operations, proportional reasoning, functions, word problems, inequalities, distance in the coordinate plane, and piecewise functions. This semester course is perfect for students who want to enhance their understanding of algebraic concepts and develop their programming skills. (Please Note: This course can NOT replace any portion of the required Algebra I course that is part of the core math course sequence.)

Benefits of these courses include:

  • Earn STEM credits (9 are required for graduation).

  • Take an elective course that you might not be able to fit in during the school year!

  • Enhance your mathematical problem-solving skills and reinforce important concepts foundational to high school mathematics.

  • Learn essential computer science skills. This could be a great introduction for someone with no programming experience or a great opportunity to extend skills for those with some prior coding experience!

  • Complete several projects in each course that could easily become a mastery experience during the school year.

To register for these courses in Summer School, go to the WHPS Summer School online registration:


PSATs and Next Steps

October PSAT scores have been posted to College Board and students received their individual score reports and a copy of the test book from their counselor.

For all 9th -11th graders, there are two important ways that you can utilize your results to improve your math proficiency:

1) Go to www.khanacademy.org/sat and follow the steps to connect your Khan Academy account to your College Board account. This will link your scores to provide you with individualized practice. Make sure that you also share your SAT progress with your math teacher so that they can support you. Practice on a regular basis.

2) Using the paper report and copy of the test booklet, go through your mistakes and work to understand these problems. See your math teacher or attend the math center if there are problems you still do not understand.

Desmos: Free Graphing Calculator & Math Resources

Please note that the SAT School Day is moving to a digital format this year and the platform will utilize Desmos' graphing calculator on the Math section.

Whats Going on in this Graph?

An interactive opportunity to better understand the graphs and infographics used in media

Dr. Michelle Graveline, Conard Math Department Supervisor

Monique Albani-Ethier, Hall Math Department Supervisor