Davidsen Monthly

March 2022

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March: Spring Break & end of the third quarter

Read on for more about what's happening this month. As always, you can scroll down for a list of important March dates.

End of Third Grading Quarter: March 11

The third grading quarter ends March 11th, which means students have just a few more days to turn in any incomplete or make up work. Most teachers accept late assignments until the end of the quarter. Please take a moment this weekend (no school Monday!) to review your student's Canvas pages and help your student complete and submit any overdue work as needed. If you have questions or concerns, make sure to send a message to your teacher on Canvas.

Math IXL Challenge: All Grades

Math teachers have been preparing students for a school-wide IXL math challenge. IXL is a software that challenges students by establishing an individual base level and monitors their understanding by increasing difficulty as the student progresses.

For the challenge, classes will rotate between individual laptop work and small groups working on paper. They will be divided by grade and level to form competition groups. The classes with the best scores within their groups will win a special reward to be determined by their teacher.

The first round of the IXL Math Challenge will continue over Spring Break, giving individual students a chance to make progress that could result in a win for their class! So turn off the video games and log in to the IXL Math Challenge!

Media Center

BOOK BINGO: Ice Cream Party

All students are invited to play BOOK BINGO with Ms. Suits by picking up a BINGO Card in the Media Center before school, during lunch, or with a teacher's pass. Titles on the card are recommendations from the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books which are also the titles that play a part in the Battle of the Books. All students who read enough books listed on the card to fill up a line of BINGO will be invited to an end of the year Ice Cream Party in the Media Center!

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to DMS Battle of the Books team, Natalia DeSequiera, Camilo Campos, Xavier Stephen, and Sophia Londono who finished in the top ten of district Middle Schools. They will be going to the SLAM Showcase at the Convention Center on March 30th. Contact Ms. Suits to learn how to get your student involved in SLAM and/or Battle of the Books next year.

Author Visit with Greg Neri

Students were treated to a visit with award winning youth author Greg Neri on February 28th. One of his most popular books, Ghetto Cowboy, is now a motion picture on Netflix entitled Concrete Cowboy. Thank you for visiting and sharing your inspiring story with us Mr. Neri!

Scholastic Book Fair

The Media Center hosted the Scholastic Book Fair March 2 - 4. Students had a chance to shop before school, during lunch, and/or with a pass. Thank you parent volunteers who helped out at the register before school. A portion of sales go back to our school! If you missed the fair, you can still support DMS by shopping the Scholastic Book Fair Online until March 15.

Math League

Congratulations to the following students who ranked at the top of Individual Math League scores:

6th Grade: Hudson Werr, Daylen Stoddard, 7th Grade: Yekwon Lee, 8th Grade: Celie Ngo.

We are also very proud of our Math League teams who competed with 70 schools and finished in 9th place, 14th place, and 15th place for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades respectively.

All Math Leaguers were treated to a patio pizza party after a long day of virtual competition.

Math League members: Isabella Rodriguez, Addiel Bosque, Julianna Tran, Daylen Stoddard, Eloise Correa (alternate), Hudson Werr, Paxton Isaac, Paul Meyer, Xavier Stephen, Henry Blosfield, Olivia Mirk, Ryan Carmenate, Shea Sendlenski, Huy Truong, Lillian Kilkelly, Samuel Garmendia, Madalyne Sulzer, Lazaro Borrego, Yekwon Lee, Sebastian Torres, Marlon Gonzale Capdevila, Nathan Curé, Celie Ngo, Angel Torres, Sinchana Kallimath, Laura Smith, and Yena Lee.

If your student is interested in competing in future Math League competitions, contact Ms. Degusipe or Ms. Fernandez. Go Dragons!!

PAPER: Free Tutoring

The parent and student reviews are in: Paper is great!

AVID teacher Ms. Wilton is encouraging all DMS students to take advantage of a new free tutoring service called PAPER which is available to everyone through Clever. Students who are struggling with a lesson or have a question outside of class can connect with a specially trained tutor from home by logging in to Clever and clicking the Paper app. Paper will automatically load your student's classes and teachers, who will be able to see their student's activity on Paper.

View a PAPER Parent Info-Session: In English or In Spanish


Big picture

Girls Soccer Scores Historic Davidsen First!

This just in: After finishing the season on March 2nd in a tie for first place, the Dragons have taken home the title of West Cluster Champions by winning the three team tie breaker on March 3rd at Leto. This is the first time Davidsen Girls Soccer has held this title in the history of the school! Congratulations DMS Girls Soccer!

Flag Football season begins this month! Girls' team tryouts will take place on March 8 after school, boys' tryouts will be March 9 after school. Our first game is scheduled for March 30 vs Hill Middle at Gaither High.

You can find tickets to all games at


Soccer Playoffs Schedule


Big picture

6th Grade debates

In 6th Grade Language Arts, students are participating in debates on current topics like social media, technology, and homework. Students have been preparing their arguments by writing a persuasive multi-paragraph essay, and will be presenting their ideas to the class throughout the month.

7th Grade Civics Green Dot Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of February's Civics Green Dot Challenge! The following students earned the most points and each won a free wristband to Dragon Blast.

1st place (not pictured)- John Carrothers, 34 green dots and 13 Stars

2nd place- Yekwon Lee, 34 green dots and 12 stars

3rd place- Laine Anderson, 32 green dots

7th Grade Civics classes will be playing the Green Dot Challenge again this month. Students who meet their Civics teacher's criteria will participate in a Civics Celebration Pizza Party!

Civics Bootcamp tutoring: Students needing extra help in Civics will be receiving an invitation for tutoring sessions which are scheduled for March 28th and April 4th.

8th Grade Physical Science (IPS)

Physical Science Honors students are learning about speed and force by studying what happens in a controlled collision. Using our new class set of laptops, students can collaborate by sharing their lab data through Office365.

Rocket Launch: the M in STEM

Using a Department of Defense STEM grant, Mrs. DeGusipe's Algebra classes will be launching simple rockets during the week before Spring Break. Students will graph quadratic functions in vertex form that describe a rocket's path and will identify the key features of a quadratic function. Solving quadratic functions and making connections between our rocket launches and real rocket launches will help our students expand their understanding of the real world applications of mathematics.

Computer Technology

The Business Technology department is proud to announce that five DIT students have earned the rigorous Industry certification of Social Media Strategist. Congratulations Cole D., and Ryson D., Kierra C., Stephanie B., and Christian G. The class has also completed plans for a Food Truck business, complete with menus and truck designs.

In Coding Fundamentals, students have started programming in JavaScript; learning about object placement via the parameters of x-location, y-location, width, and height. Next they will learn how to program Sprites to animate with properties, loops, conditionals, and user inputs.

Business Keyboarding students are finishing up an Alphabet Book slide presentation with images, transitions, animations, and timings, and will begin learning the basics of Excel.


The State (MPA) Assessments are an important part of measuring progress, as well as a great opportunity to learn and grow with input from high level directors from all over the state. Our music teachers go to great lengths to make sure Davidsen musicians participate in these opportunities, and we thank them for their tireless commitment to achieving the highest standards in musicianship.

Congratulations to the Davidsen Chamber Orchestra who earned Superior ratings at the State MPA Music Assessment in February.

Chorus and Vocal Jazz Ensemble also took home Superior ratings at Solo & Ensemble and MPA Assessments. This is an especially proud moment for our Chorus department as it is their first competition under the direction of our new chorus teacher Ms. Paige Pilkington. Congratulations on perfect scores from the judges! You can watch the Vocal Jazz Ensemble performance here

The Dragon Band had a pre-MPA performance on Feb 25, and will perform for MPA Assessment March 9 at Jefferson High school.

Practice at home You can support your student by helping them set and maintain a time and place to practice their instrument regularly.


6th grade AVID students are improving their spelling skills by learning about the most commonly misspelled words and how to avoid making mistakes in writing them.

In 7th grade, AVID students are increasing their vocabulary and comprehension by studying word morphology.

8th graders in AVID are currently preparing for college by gaining experience in the application process. Students are "applying for a scholarship" by writing a practice scholarship essay and filling out a practice application. This practice will give students a great head start!

Visual Arts

Ms. Hall's students had fun this month learning about ancient hieroglyphics by translating their names into paintings. They are currently preparing for their next 2D project inspired by the work of artist, Kehinde Wiley. ESE art students and their peer partners were busy expressing ideas using water color on paper plates and made some eye catching creations!

Visual Art students are also encouraged to enter their work in the Florida Salvador Dali student exhibition and competition. Due date for the Dali exhibition is March 31. See or contact Ms. Smith for details.

DMS Yearbook 2022 Dedications

Don't miss your chance to reserve space in the yearbook and send a special message to your graduating student and celebrate their achievements. Submissions are due by the end of March, and space is limited! Log in to yearbookordercenter.com using school code 21848 to order your ad/dedication.

Remember to pre-order your copy of the 2021-22 Davidsen Yearbook at www.yearbookordercenter.com using school code 21848.

Have pictures to submit to the yearbook? Upload them at www.HJeShare.com using the same school code.

Clean Slate for events and field trips

Congratulations and thank you to all students who have adhered to the DMS dress code, attendance, and behavioral requirements throughout the year. The DMS administration would like to offer any students who have struggled with these parameters the opportunity to begin building good habits by resetting student records. All students who maintain proper dress code and have no more than 8 tardies for the rest of the term (with no behavioral referrals) will be able to attend special events and field trips. Please support your student at home by helping them understand the importance of time management and listening skills in the classroom and beyond. While it's not unusual for middle schoolers to sometimes struggle with these skills, it is imperative that they begin to learn and develop them for the future. We thank you for your partnership!


Extracurricular Clubs

Gamers Club

Registration for Gamers Club is open for March and April. Gamers Club meets Wednesdays from 9:05-9:20 in Campbell's Corner. Students will start off the day with positive interactions playing both board games and video games. Any student who maintains a B average and an A in conduct is welcome to join.


Also meeting on Wednesdays is FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Students meet Mr. Pusateri at 8am at the bus circle before heading back to the PE field or Gym. Contact Coach Pusateri if you have questions about FCA.


In the morning before school and during lunch, the MakerSpace Club is open in the Media Center. Students may ask any teacher for a MakerSpace pass during lunch or stop into the Media Center in the morning before school.

Culinary Club

Culinary Club is open to all students and meets Mondays after school. See Chef Toner to join Culinary Club.


Dragon Blast 2022

We had a fabulous time celebrating this year with our teachers and students on the field. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who volunteered to help make Dragon Blast possible. We are so happy to have been able to raise a substantial amount of funds that will go back into the classrooms for all of our Dragons!

Dragon Blast Photo Booth Pictures

Find and download your photo booth pictures here!

Thurgood Marshall Club Outing

Members of Mr Prier's Thurgood Marshall Black History Club enjoyed an outing at Baybridge Park in February to celebrate a month of learning about important figures of Black history and their contributions.


Join the PTSA Board

Each year the PTSA welcomes and says goodbye to board and committee members as they follow their students through grades and graduations. This means that each year our PTSA encourages and invites new parents and family members to step up to join the PTSA Board.

The PTSA board and committees support students, parents, and teachers by planning, raising funds, and volunteering in the areas of special events, academic incentives, teacher grants, and many other ways that help make middle school a fun and fruitful time for our kids.

You do not need to be a stay-at-home parent to be a committee or board member! Most of our Board and committee members also work outside of their roles in the PTSA. The number one predictor of student success is parental involvement. If you have any time in your schedule, joining our PTSA as a committee or board member is one of the most valuable ways to invest that time. Email PTSA president Scott Heydt if you would like to learn more about how to get more involved in supporting your student and the Dragon family by joining the PTSA Board.

March Stock the Teachers' Lounge

The PTSA continues our ongoing program to Stock the Teacher’s lounge with treats sponsored by Davidsen families. A huge thank you goes out to those who have already donated to help "Stock the Teachers' Lounge" in the first semester! Teachers have been treated to various snacks including whole fruit, grab and go chips and crackers, nuts, sparkling water, coffee, and more.

We would love to be able to continue this effort all year. If you can help the PTSA "Stock the Teachers' Lounge", just click here! Select an amount and let the PTSA take care of the shopping. Your name (and/or student's name) will be listed as a sponsor on a sign displayed in the lounge each month. If you would like to donate something else, or if you have a business who would like to participate, please contact our PTSA President, Scott.

Let's help keep our teachers energized for our students!

Stock the Lounge Fundraiser

Discount PDQ Cards: Get 33% off!

The PTSA has discount cards for local favorite PDQ. Help raise funds for 8th Grade activities like the 8th Grade Dance by purchasing a PDQ gift card: Spend just $7 and get $10 worth of great PDQ food! Helps make a dinner easy and also makes a great gift! https://davidsenmiddleschool.memberhub.com/store


March 1: Chorus MPA

March 2: Soccer vs. Smith @Alonso 6pm

March 2: Flag football paperwork due

March 2-4: Scholastic Book fair

March 4: College T-Shirt Day

March 7: No School (Monday)

March 8: Girls Soccer vs Rampello (Playoffs) @ Leto 6pm

March 8: Girls Flag Football tryouts 4:30-6

March 9: Boys Flag Football tryouts 4:30-6

March 9: Band MPA

March 10: Wear Red to support our troops

March 14-18: Spring Break

March 21: No School

March 22: Beginning of 4th grading quarter

March 25: PTSA Krispy Kreme Donut Sales

March 29: Dance Showcase dress rehearsal at Alonso 5pm

March 30: Flag Football DMS @Hill 6pm

April 1: Dance Showcase at Alonso 6pm

April 14: End of Year Field trips

6th Grade - Laser Ops

7th Grade - Altitudes

8th Grade - Celebration Station

Soccer Playoffs Schedule

OAR (extra help) Schedule

Teachers offer OAR for students who would like to receive extra help in a core subject. Students who have questions or need extra help outside of regular class time should plan to attend their teacher’s OAR during lunch.

OAR Schedule by subject:

Reading/Language Arts: Tuesday

Math: Wednesday

Science: Thursday

History: Friday


Join Davidsen Dragons on Facebook

Click here to join the private group for important reminders, updates, and pictures!

Canvas Grades

Parents please make sure to log in to Canvas regularly to supervise your student's progress. Some students may need help in uploading assignments from home or navigating the platform in other ways. Please make time to understand how to see your student's grades and assignments. This is great tool that can alert you to any areas in which your student might be struggling.


For more information on setting up Canvas, click here

College Readiness and AVID

We want our Dragons not only prepared for college, but excited for it too! Every first Friday, Ms. Wilton's AVID program sponsors College T-shirt Day as a way to help kids get excited for college.

Ms. Wilton also keeps a collection of gently worn college tees to give out as prizes, and for students who would like to wear, but do not have the means to purchase one. If you have college apparel that you would like to donate to our AVID sponsored college readiness initiative, please contact Ms Wilton or drop off a bag labeled "Wilton, room 407"

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones should be put away in backpacks and used only when teachers allow them for instructional or other educational purposes. This rule also applies during lunch. Phones may be temporarily confiscated if students do not follow our cell phone policy.

School Hours and lunch times

Every Monday students are released one hour early.

Bell Schedule and Lunch times

Davidsen PTSA

The Davidsen PTSA brings parents together with teachers and staff to support all students at Davidsen. By joining the PTSA you can help support important activities, classroom enhancements, and be among the first to hear about news and opportunities.

Join the PTSA

You can also sign up to volunteer with the PTSA by emailing dmsvols@gmail.com

Volunteers must also complete the district volunteer form.