Maria Centwell

about her

pros and cons of Developing the Key Stone Pipeline from Canada to Louisiana

Pros: are that all them places can get oil, more job openings they will need people to work it, people will get more money from the company they work for.

Cons: they will be more busy, have to use more money, use more money to build what they need.

pros and cons of raising minimum wage

pros: people will be more willing to work, not as many poor people in this world,

Cons: use more money, prices of everything will go up, so more people will probably be in more debt.

biography of Maria Centwell

She was born october 13, 1958, in Indianapolis indiana, when to college for her bachelors and got her art degree, three terms as the senate

senators general platform

She doesn't like major issues at all wants to fix them.


She doesn't want to raise minimum wage bc it will raise the prices of everything. And the keystroke pipeline will cost a lot of money and we are in a lot of debt already.