Pablo Escobar

By:Diana Cristina Parra

Back to Childhood

Pablo Escobar was born on December 1, 1949 In Antioquia, Colombia he had a rough childhood his mother was a school teacher and his father a farmer. As a small kid Escobar liked to study but he also liked money, his parents income was low. So he decided to go his own way, he started in the streets by being part of the "Malboro Wars". Later he was force to drop out of school his parents could not support his studies any longer. Escobar wanted to be someone important and wanted to be well recognized among people. He had great plans as a kid but they changed.

Journal Entry

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Being Known

Since Escobar could not go any further with his dreams of being the President of Colombia he decided to change his plans and take action. He began by selling Marijuana, at that time "Fabio Restrepo" was dealing cocaine. Escobar saw that the purchase for Cocaine was growing fast he wanted full control, so in 1975 he sent of to have Restrepo killed. With Restrepo out of the way Escobar took control of his operations and made them grow. Escobar ended controlling 80% of the cocaine trade entering the United States. Aside from being a Drug Lord Escobar still wanted the people to like him so he spend millions of his earnings helping common people so they would like him.

Loved By Others

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Last Days

By the 1980's Escobar was one of the most powerful men in Medellin. Escobar didn't think twice when it came to getting rid of anyone who got in his path. He surrendered in June 1991 to the Colombian government but escaped a year later when authorities tried moving him to another prison. On a attempt to get away from the Colombia law enforcement he was shot and killed on December 2, 1993.


P:ablo was he

A:above anyone else he wanted to be

B:ullets rained on people in his path

L:ove is something he really didn't have

O:pen hearted? I think not

E:ven though he was evil

S:hared his money among the people

C:ause he wanted to be loved but

O:viesly that's not exactly what he got

B:ravely he turned himself in and

A:fter a year he ran away

R:eturning to his same old ways.