Superb Postnatal Care for

Gold Coast Mums to Be

Superb Postnatal Care for Gold Coast Mums to Be

Having a baby is a very exciting time – it does not matter whether it is your first baby or you are adding to your existing brood, nothing is more special than a new baby.

It is equally important for all new Mums to experience the right sort of care after the birth of their baby as on the run-up to the happy event, which is a good thing in some areas because postnatal care for Gold Coast new Mums is excellent.

Midwives play an extremely important part in the safe arrival of a new baby as well as pre and postnatal care for the mother. Gold Coast residents have the option of choosing to take advantage of private midwifery services which really do provide the icing on the cake when it comes to extending your family.

There are many advantages to choosing a private midwifery service including:

  • The increased likelihood of choosing to have a natural birth

  • Having your own personal midwife can help to make the whole experience positive and even more special as you have a one-on-one experience with the midwife rather than being allocated whoever is on staff in a hospital when your baby is due to be born

  • A personal midwife will have more time to dedicate to a new Mum helping with breastfeeding problems etc

  • The Australian College of Midwives states that evidence suggests that mums are less likely to need pain relief and more likely to go full term if they have a private midwife

  • Postnatal depression is not something that many new Mums to experience but it can and does occur. It is however less likely to be a problem if you have your own personal midwife attending to your every need

  • The college also states that there is evidence to suggest that newborns are more likely to be born healthy and less likely to need the attention of a special baby unit

The services of a midwife are extremely important in the preceding months before your baby is born. They do regular checks to make sure that things are progressing with mother and child including checking blood samples and scans.

It is also great to have a friendly and familiar face at the actual birth of the baby. It really does help if you know the person who is helping to deliver your baby.

Efficient postnatal care is equally important to ensure that the mother is educated in how to care for her baby properly and recognise the signs of potential problems. When it comes to pre and postnatal care, Gold Coast residents really have a great choice for a healthy birth for mother and baby.

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