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SM Elementary Learning Update - March 19

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March 19 message regarding learning during school shutdown

Families: On Thursday, March 19th, the following information was emailed to the parent/guardian accounts we have listed for you in PowerSchool. Especially in times like these, it is important that all families carefully read and understand the information sent out, especially as the situation evolves. If you did not receive the information, please ensure that you have not "blocked" our emails and check your other email folders and accounts. Updates to email addresses may be sent to one of our secretaries in the Lakeview office. You may find our email addresses on the Lakeview website home page. Take care!

Hello School District of South Milwaukee Families,

On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding of the evolving situation regarding school closures. We miss your children! Our priority is always to provide the best educational resources to you and your children. Due to the fact that Spring Break is next week (March 23-27), our decision to begin alternative learning activities beginning March 30 was to allow our staff enough time to prepare resources for you and your children that would allow minds on learning to continue. In the meantime, we have created a digital resources page to access online activities for our elementary and middle school students.

We understand everyone is eager to continue the learning. Each level (elementary, middle and high) has prepared learning activities and information may be coming out at slightly different times due to the nature of the activities. We have outlined additional information for you below.

We want you to know that while schools may be closed we are still here for you and your children. Please, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or principal as needed. All of our teachers will be in communication with students soon. Thank you again for what you are doing to support learning at home. Take care and be well!

Elementary-specific information

We understand that minds on learning while not at school looks different for each and every family. The School District of South Milwaukee values and honors meeting your needs and we understand you know best how to support your child/children during this time. While your student is out of school, we would like to provide you with some ideas and links to resources available to use so that if you are looking for a possible schedule or structure for your day, you may find these suggestions helpful. Between now and March 30 when the learning activities become available, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Set up a daily schedule for your child to follow.

  2. Keep weekends as weekends.

  3. Spring break can still be a break. Schedule family games or play outside, maintaining social isolation.

  4. Be realistic about what to expect your child’s learning to be during at home learning.

  5. At this time it is okay to be outside when practicing social distancing and the time for physical movement and outside play is important!

  6. We do not suggest that children spend the majority of their day online. Screen time should continue to be limited.

Getting Ready to Learn At Home!

  • Empty your backpack. Locate all your school supplies. Walmart has offered to provide free school supplies for pick up as well. (See picture below)

  • Set up a learning area.

  • Decide on a reading spot. Where can you read best?

  • Locate games, puzzles, books, and other tools you use to learn

  • The following materials are available for pick-up at South Milwaukee Walmart while supplies last:

Supplies at Walmart